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Delivery 18 foot Long Bed Bliss Mobil on a MAN

A MAN truck with Bliss’ 18 foot Long bed unit has been delivered to its two delighted new owners. “This Bliss is my second home”.


The love for road trips and being able to go anywhere combined with a need for safety and security brought the clients to Bliss. “The Bliss Mobil unit is a well thought-through concept to the finest details.”

Know how-to and Bliss’ customer commitment made the difference: “I am not a hardcore camper, can’t fix much. So safety is really important. The fact that there is a back-up for everything makes me feel secure. You can really see that Bliss has a lot of experience: The technical concept works at Bliss. But also the human part. Something that matters a lot to me”.


The Swiss couple loves that everything is in harmony. Inside and out. “There is no need to think about all kinds of details”, the husband says, “because the whole concept has been thought-through.  We didn’t need any  customization with such a complete product.”  “But I liked being able to choose my own colors for the couches”, the wife laughs.

The couple sees their Bliss as their homeland, their second house. The coming years they will take the time to get to know the system of their Bliss while exploring Europe. Then the Silk Road of Asia awaits, North America with its Alaska and tropical South America. Discovering the world with their second home. 

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