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Delivery 15 foot Bliss Mobil with rainwater collector on a MAN TGM 13.290

A 15 foot High Bed type 2 unit on a MAN TGM 13.290 is the latest Bliss Mobil delivery. The unit has a rainwater collector and water maker – ensuring access to clean, fresh drinking water.

Life necessity

Water is a life necessity. Therefore, when traveling through remote areas the availability of safe drinking water is of the utmost importance. This latest unit with the rainwater collection system and water maker installation emphasizes Bliss’ know-how to travel independently, safe and secure. “This is very important to me as I will be able to collect the rainwater using it as an emergency backup for drinking water”, the client explains.

The lowered roof construction makes it possible to redirect water to a buffer tank. Before going into this collector tank the water already gets filtered. The rainwater then gets purified via the water maker – a high pressure membrane water filtration system. Whether you collect rainwater or use a natural resource like a lake or river Bliss’ system guarantees fresh, clean and safe drinking water.

Customer experience

“What convinced me to go for a Bliss Mobil unit is that their product development is based on experience”, the client explains. “I have been planning to travel by truck for many years and Bliss Mobil is the only supplier that met every one of my technical and functional requirements.”

“I really have the feeling that for them it is all about customer experience. They thought about necessary, useful functionalities I didn’t even think about. Knowledge Bliss gained based on experience. It gives you the feeling they are truly committed to the success of your experience.”

Customization within the standard

The 15 foot High Bed type 2 unit is nominated for the German Design Award. But with Bliss Mobil’s customization within the standard concept the unit got additional functionalities accustomed to the clients wishes.

Besides the rainwater collector and water maker the 15 foot High Bed type 2 unit also has US charging (110V) and a washing machine. Also added is Bliss Mobil’s’ new toolkit and a set with spare parts. The toolkit has the selected tools required in case you have to fix something while on the road. User instructions are fully documented.  

The road awaits for the client and his new vehicle. Destination? “Wherever my mood takes me.” Bliss will make sure that even the rain will add to the independent, safe and secure experience.

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