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Delivery 20 foot Standard on a MAN 26.480 6×6

Our latest delivery of a 20ft standard unit on MAN 26.480 6×6 to its new owner is a few days ago. We are happy to be able to show this to-go-anywhere expedition vehicle at the TC-Leipzig exhibition, before it disappears into the deep, snow-covered forests of Sweden amid the whine of sled dogs.

When we met for the first time in Bad Kissingen at  the Adventure & Allrad 2017, we were already surprised by the handshake quality of the new Bliss Mobil owner. He did his research and knew exactly what he was looking for.

Equipped with the luxury and (parallel) standardized functionality, the 20ft unit offers space for a quad on a lifting platform in the internal garage. The rear-mounted storage box offers additional storage space for the extreme expedition travelling. By optimizing the chassis attachments, we were able to realize not only the Bliss Mobil comfortable outdoor kitchen, but as well additional large storage boxes on the chassis. A roof rack with strong LED work lights completes this dream expedition vehicle.

In his own words:

“The beauty of the bliss is in the proven concept.  When I decided to buy an expedition mobile, I started of course my research. What truck, what kind of bodywork? I noticed very quickly that there are only a handful of suppliers. The manufacturers and their expedition mobiles are difficult to compare as everyone makes one-off customized builts. But that’s exactly what I did not want. I wanted a proven expedition mobile, gladly as the manufacturer has engineered, developed a concept and functionality has been well documented.”

“Then I came across Bliss through a friend. He had already bought a 15 ft Bliss Mobil and I could take a closer look. From the beginning I was thrilled and knew that my search came to an end. The concept convinced me. In particular the standardized construction. Buying a Bliss is finding yourself a proven expedition vehicle. Online service and spare parts supply available worldwide.”

“Now I finally got my 20 feet and I am absolutely thrilled, I am even more happy about the well-developed functionality, after attending the in-house training. Many thanks to the entire Bliss team for the fantastic job”

When asked about his next projects and destinations, Werner answers do fulfill our dreams !

“I will head relatively soon to the far north. Since I have sled dogs, I’m currently building a suitable trailer with a box for my 10 dogs and space for a snowmobile. As from February my plan is to travel to Sweden and from there along the Arctic Circle to Finland to the Russian border. I will drive there the many snowmobile trails. That’s why I also attached great importance to the Arctic Package that Bliss offers. This is a requisite at temperatures minus 30 to 40 degrees Celcius. During summer it’s all about the black sea with Georgia and Armenia. Canada, USA and Mexico are on the program next year.”

We do wish Werner and his family Blisfull times and we are proud to have become part of his great travelling.

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