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Mobile Surgical Units for Mission to Heal – part 1

Mission to Heal has dreamed of independently operating mobile surgical units. And that is where Bliss Mobil came into the picture.

Mission to heal is there to help and make a change for those who have medical need and live in remote to nearly non-accessible area’s in the world.

With our ability to build expedition vehicles units to go anywhere we took this opportunity to fully develop two special, independently functioning 20 ft mobile surgical units. For Bliss Mobil this was an excellent chance to expand our concept into another high-demanding market other than the traveler’s market. Also giving-back to the less fortunate in the world made this project all worthwhile

Reliable, independent energy supply with reliable back up functions was the key factor in developing these units. The units can be transported worldwide and are equipped with heavy duty professional air-conditioning , an overpressure system in the operating theatre and a watermaker to enable safe potable water under all circumstances

Bliss Mobil did the coordination of the total project, including search and selection of the truck, where we advised the MAN KAT 6×6 for the reasons of durability, military spec’s, limited electronics maintenance and parts available in “less developed worlds”.

We are excited, after delivering the units end of the year 2018, the trucks are now on its way to Djibouti, where the African Mission will start end of January, travelling 7 countries in 3 Months

MSU 1 – Operating theatr

The MSU 1 has room for 2 operating tables where surgeries under narcosis can take place. A liftplatform is in place to evacuate patients after the surgery.  The unit also serves as a training-unit for students. Surgeries can be recorded and analysed afterwards for training purposes.  

MSU 2 – Support uni

This unit serves as a support unit which include a staff facility with plenty of storage, back-up energy and water supply for the operation theatre. The fresh water tanks can hold over 800 liters of water, in addition a water maker is in place to purify water from natural sources into safe potable water. Apart from the backup functionality, it has the total infrastructure to operate surgery (1 table) independently.

Should you be interested in our medical units please contact us on: info@blissmobil.com

These upcoming months we will publish more detailed information regarding these medical units, and report on their first mission in Africa with Mission to Heal. Should you be interested in more information on them or their mission please visit https://missiontoheal.org/

Watch the video of the Mobile Surgical Unit

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