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The Bliss Expedition successfully reached North Cape

Mission Accomplished

The North Cape, the most Northern point in Europe, was reached after a two week expedition. Getting there was far from easy and not for the faint hearted. Heavy snowfall, icy roads and deep snow road shoulders, requested extreme off road driving skills. It had been a great experience to have the ice lake slippery driving training at the first day as a preparation for this polar expedition

The second part of the journey kicked off in Andenes (Norway) where they spotted whales while on a boat in a rough sea. After that it was time to head further North, via the breathtaking fjords with their beautiful snowy mountains and clear blue waters.  

They set up camp in Alta (Norway) at a very hospitable dog sledge farm called “Trasti og Trine” where they learned about the dog sledding races and spent another amazing night under the Northern Lights.

The road to North Cape

Being already 350 km North of the Polar Circle, there was still a way up to their main goal: The North Cape. Winter conditions started to intensify, strong winds and heavy snowfall made it difficult  to drive. Local authorities eventually closed-off the road to the last stop in Skarsvåg since it was too dangerous. The Bliss Mobil Expedition participants had to patiently wait to finally go in convoy with a shovel in the front, to reach Skarsvåg deep in the night. Skarsvåg is the the world’s northernmost fishing village and they could stay overnight in their beautiful port.

On March 14th they were challenged again, as authorities closed the road ( final 15 km’s) to the North Cape, and informed them to wait with a good chance not being able to drive at all. This allowed everyone to do a final check-up on their vehicles, lower their tire pressure and enjoy staying comfortable and at home in their Bliss units. Most grateful to Kevin of Overland Travel, who kept chasing them to enable the drive up, it had been a big relief that in the afternoon they were finally given the green light to enter the road to the North Cape behind a snow shovel truck. They had now finally all reached the North Cape, the most Northern point of Europe.

Bliss Mobil concept proved fit for extreme conditions once again

After 17 days, 3800 km’s through winter wonderland they all arrived happy and safe in Romanievi  (Finland). The Bliss Mobil concept proved to be fit for extreme cold Nordic conditions. Being completely independent throughout this whole journey and enjoying continuous comfort provided by our energy concept Bliss truly makes you “go anywhere”.

Bliss Mobil Overland Travel Expeditions

Our special thanks goes out to Kevin Kooijman of Overland Travel making this expedition a great success once again, thanks to his professional guidance, tireless efforts and amazing organization.
And finally a big thanks to our Bliss Customers who joined this expedition showing us once again the great teamwork, learning experience and blissful moments the community has to offer

See you all at the next Bliss Mobil expedition

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