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20 foot Bliss Mobil body on Dakar Rally Support Truck

This week our customer received his new Bliss Mobil. It is a 20’ Foot Bliss Mobil on a MAN TGS 26.500 6×6 BB Doka by Toni Maurer. This Bliss Mobil is a true eye catcher in combination with this special MAN TGS.

The MAN TGS has been modified for extreme conditions by Toni Maurer. It was originally ordered as a Rally Support Truck for the Dakar Rally. The truck (special order by MAN on a TGS) is equipped with a double cabin, roll bar, special chassis, rally suspension, rear steering axle as well as an integrated tire pressure control system.

The layout of the unit has been adjusted according to our customer requirements and is a great example how Bliss Mobil, within our standardised concept, can include customisation.

In order to get more spacious cabinets and a chemist-like cabinet next to the kitchen, the size of the main bed has been adjusted to queen size (1,60* 2.00 m). In order to facilitate the requirement of our customer to accommodate six people sleeping, a full-size double High Bed is placed above the couch area. The High Bed can electrically be levelled and lowered down. The couch area can be converted into a comfortable double bed as well, providing sleeping places for up to six people.

The fully equipped kitchen comes standard with a spacious countertop and an integrated induction with four hot plates, 130 liter fridge, 65 liter freezer, a combined oven-microwave and grill as well as the coffee machine. The 20’ Foot unit, is according to Bliss standards, furthermore equipped with air-conditioning, floor heating, air heating, a washing machine, vacuum cleaner an Apple TV and an integrated audio-sound system.

Like all Bliss Mobil Units it comes standard with redundant systems for critical functionalities and a smart home system which not only provide comfort, but function as well as an intelligent system to ensure safety and security, while being far away from home.  In the 20’ Foot Bliss Mobil, the lavatory and bathroom are separated. The living and sleeping area can be divided by opening the bathroom door at 90 degrees, which gives privacy for both the owners as well as their guests.

Our customer additionally made the choice for the reverse osmosis water purification system, a 360 degree security camera system, the outdoor kitchen, the luxurious kitchen set and the crawl through passage from the unit to the truck cabin, making this travelling house a unique piece. The carrier at the back of the unit, with space for 2 Off- road motorbikes and a spare tyre, will support our customer to set his destinations “to go anywhere”.

Our customer has no big travel plans yet, currently making up his mind about travelling to Sicily, Morocco and Iceland to get used to his expedition truck. He is enthusiastic about joining the Bliss Customer Expeditions one day to further and remote destinations.  Bliss Mobil wishes him and his family great future adventures! With such an amazing “machine” we are confident that they will have a lot of Bliss Moments!