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Bliss Mobil awarded with a golden X-act seal of quality

We are proud to announce that Bliss has been awarded a golden X-act seal of quality which is given out by EXPLORER.

The X-act seal of quality helps consumers to be able to assess at a glance the standards and quality requirements of which a manufacturer builds its vehicles.

25 individual points in four categories are currently the data basis of the seal. If the manufacturer meets at least ten of the requested standards, he can advertise with the X-ACT logo in bronze, from 15 onwards in silver, over 20 of the given points with the golden one. EXPLORER verifies the data in the context of test drives and tests and assesses in this context their implementation in the provided vehicle.

After an intensive test over two days with a Bliss 15ft and 18ft, we received a total of 23 points which means a golden X-act seal of quality!

You can view the video of the test through this link: https://youtu.be/UpP9rBB65hc