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Experience Freedom

Dusseldorf Caravan Salon Hall 5

It has become a slogan at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2020 and due the restrictions of Covid-19 we all feel that, whether you are a traveller by heart or not, everybody is eager to leave home.

For the ones who wish to enjoy the real freedom of Independence, it is our strong belief that everything starts (and ends) with the availability of reliable energy.

Energy concept

The entire functionality of every Bliss Mobil unit has been designed around the optimised and safe usage of energy, which can be found back in both the construction, the choice of appliances and components as well as the Bliss Mobil Energy Concept.

With over 80 Bliss Mobil Customers  worldwide, travelling under different and extreme climate conditions, we provided proof that our energy concept is successful and working.

Stay off the grid for weeks

Lithium batteries, solar arrays with a backup system by charging the batteries over the truck alternator in place, an in house developed Battery Management System to ensure you get to places where you can stay off the grid for weeks at a time.

The Bliss energy concept is implemented in any Bliss unit, regardless the size, 100% standardised and well documented in our online customer portal. As a service to our customers we monitor online the status of the batteries, so we can advise them when it comes to efficient energy consumption.

As energy is crucial for the functioning of the unit, all critical parts are in parallel with easy switch over functionalities. In the Smart home system functionality has been built in to optimise energy consumption. You should think of temperature thresholds and timeframes related to the operation of appliances and equipment.

“Leaving crowded places” got an additional dimension in 2020.

Go anywhere

Bliss Mobil makes it possible to go anywhere and to truly experience the freedom of Independence.

Any chance to visit us at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon in the upcoming weekend or you wish more information?  Please contact us.