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The distinctive feature of a well designed subframe

The importance of the subframe is often underestimated. While driving in off road conditions the subframe will not only define the off-road drivability of the truck but even more importantly, the subframe will protect the unit and the truck against torsion forces.

Specifically designed

Bliss Mobil engineers its own subframes which are specifically designed for the truck of your choice. The subframe provides a torsion-free connection between the unit and the truck chassis.

Withstand high torsion forces

Bliss Mobil opted for a four point, so-called “diamond shape” construction, with three axles; two longitudinal and one transverse. This construction can withstand high torsion forces, hence guaranteeing strong unit protection. At each of the corners, mounting points are integrated into the subframe, which enables the easy mounting of the Bliss Mobil unit.

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