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16 foot Bliss Mobil

In 2020 we have introduced the 16 foot Bliss Mobil and this new model made a flying start! Before the end of this year we will deliver the first three 16 foot units. The 16 foot unit is 5.000mm long and will close “the gap” between the 15 and 18 foot unit, combining benefits in one.

As we have not been able to show the 16 foot on any show so far, we like to give you a first introduction to this new model and share the benefits with you.


The 11, 13 and 15 foot Bliss Mobil units all vary in length, but have the same width and height.( WxH 2.270 x 2.236 mm). The 18 and 20 foot length units have the width and the height compared to a shipping container

Therefore it became the idea for a model “in between”, which combines all benefits; the 16 foot with 5.000 mm length and with the width and the height of our big size units.

Bliss Mobil noticed an increase in demand for travellers who want to live off the grid for an extensive amount of time, or even want to live permanently in the Bliss Mobil. For these long, consecutive or permanent stays, it is important to have an interior with a spacious living space and optimized internal and external storage.

Backup mode of transportation

Due to its length, the 16 foot Bliss Mobil can still be placed on most 4×4 trucks with a large truck cabin and even allowing the user to take a backup mode of transportation on the optional motorbike carrier. Previously, with our big size units, this would often reach the limit of what is allowed and preferred in terms of off-road driving regarding the rear overhang on a 4×4 vehicle.

Space and storage

Due to its increased width and height, this unit feels very spacious since it is equipped with large windows, a big and comfortable seating area, a functional yet compact kitchen and a large bed that measures 1.600 x 2.100mm. The 16 foot is the perfect unit for travellers who value the extra height while standing in the unit and the full queen size bed when sleeping.

To make optimal use of the space available, the medicine cabinet in the lavatory is included in the standard layout of the 16 foot unit.

Additional accessories

There is ample space, due to the big garage underneath the bed, to enrich functionality like a watermaker, a storage box system and a washing machine. The corner castings at the rear can support a motorbike carrier, a big storage box and a batwing awning as optional accessories.

It speaks for itself that Bliss Mobil can complete your truck for the expedition travels, by opting for a roof rack with led lights, storage boxes at the side and the outdoor kitchen to fully enjoy the outdoor living.

Abundance of water

Upon entering the unit, one will notice the large seating area in the 16 foot. As the fresh water tank is located directly under the U-shaped couch, the capacity of this tank increased to a total of 515 liter. The grey and black water tanks have a capacity of 240 and 145 liter.

Please visit the specification sheet for more detailed information.

Are you interested in viewing the 16 foot unit?

Please let us know swiftly so we can organise a visit and schedule a meeting before December 18th. After this date, these expedition vehicles will leave for their maiden voyages. We respect the Covid regulations for both our visitors and employees and have taken the right measurements to provide a safe tour.