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It’s all about storage – Outside

Being travellers ourselves we know that any and as much space outside has to be used for tools and parts, sports equipment and outdoor gear, but let’s start with the most essential storage for long ride expedition travelling which ensure the range of the truck.

We offer different sizes of additional fuel tanks. This means that we can upgrade the fuel capacity to create extra range to travel into remote areas where fuel is scarce.

Containerised body

As we have the independent unit positioned on the subframe, all space below the subframe can be used for additional storage boxes, which can be opened with the same key as the connection box. For the storage boxes at the rear we offer our outdoor kitchen and on the other side storage of chairs and table outdoors. These space conserving accessories free the valuable space in your garage, as you do not have to bring a separate barbecue and camping set anymore.

The garage in most Bliss Mobil units offers a place for a slider based (6-9 ) storage boxes system. It is up to you to stick the labels, so you never have to search for your gear again!

Aluminium roof rack

The aluminium Bliss Mobil roof rack, which is designed specifically for each truck cabin, offers space for big boxes and is standard equipped with airline rail to fixate your cargo safely. We also offer the high-quality and waterproof Zarges boxes that can be mounted on the roof rack.

Additional storage box

A big storage box, mounted in the upper twist locks at the rear of the unit, or alternatively on the motorbike carrier, offers space for big items like sports gear and can even hold folding bicycles.

Motorbike carrier

The motorbike carrier, which can be extended, is to be used for holding the spare wheel as well as e-bikes, bicycles and/or a motorbike, (max. loading capacity is 500 kg).

All in the box

It’s all in the box, with Bliss Mobil this means making use of the advantages of a solid subframe and a steel or aluminium frame with twist locks at the corners to mount outside  facilities for optimised storage.

Marie Kondo can be proud !

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

We are here for you

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