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20 foot Bliss Mobil ready for outbound south

We proudly announce the delivery of a beautiful 20 foot Bliss Mobil on the capable MAN TGS 33.540 6×6. This metallic grey expedition truck will travel in the next few days to the most southern part of Europe, neighbouring beautiful Morocco. Here they will start with an off road training under the supervision of a Dakar veteran.

20 foot unit low bed

The project started a year ago when our customers became very enthusiastic through references of other Bliss owners. Just before the lockdown we agreed on the final definitions of the 20 foot unit with the low bed layout,equipped with a wide range of accessories.

The truck has been upgraded with an aluminium roof rack including the Lazer LED lights, powder coated motorbike carrier and the awning with extendable arms.


The washing machine, towel heater, vacuum cleaner and Imac are standard in this 20 foot unit.  Our customers further customised  their unit by the choice of multiple accessories like the unit – truck passage, the organised kitchen set,  the infra-red 360 degree camera set,and last but not least  the outdoor kitchen so they can fully enjoy the outdoor living!

With the arctic package in addition to the standard floor heating and Webasto diesel heater, this expedition vehicle will be able to withstand the coldest temperatures. The watermaker will allow the owners to live off the grid for a prolonged amount of time. Should they want to reside on a campsite in North America for a while, the unit can be charged through the 110V circuit that has been installed.

Safety features

The alarm system enhances the security of their Bliss Mobil. The entrance door is fitted with a door contact sensor that triggers the alarm system. Complemented by a motion sensor in the unit, any motion detected, an acoustic alarm will sound and the side lights will switch on.  A text message is sent to the assigned mobile phone.

Our customers, Agentur Genzbereich , run their successful business in off road motorbike tours worldwide and will use their truck as a support truck in the most extreme conditions.

Bliss Community

We wish the owners of this Bliss Mobil all the best and many blissful moments. With this expedition truck they will be able to realise their big dream of travelling North and South America for extended periods of time, enjoying the ultimate Freedom of Independence.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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