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Living a Blissful Life

We love the Bliss Mobil Community! In this community of like-minded people are travelers/adventurers with varying travelling plans.

Within the Bliss community, we have a special group who changed their home and lives completely to long term living and travelling in a Bliss Mobil unit. Hans and Thea started their new life three years ago. Since then they travel and live fulltime in their Bliss Mobil. In this article they tell us how their journey began.

The vehicle

Our Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle consists of a Mercedes-Benz 1120AF, originally in use as a firefighter truck with a long wheelbase, and a 13 foot Bliss Mobil unit. The body was initially mounted further back and due to the wheelbase, this created more space between the cab and the unit. Of course we took advantage of the extra space and we modified storage boxes mounted on the truck chassis: One box is for our dog and the other for extra luggage. The beauty of the Bliss Mobil Concept is the “mobility” of the unit. Both storage boxes were eventually removed, the 13 foot unit could be easily disassembled and reattached on the front of the chassis. This created enough space at the back and the Bliss Mobil team was able to mount a large Bliss Mobil Garage for even more storage space!

Travelling Europe towards Africa

After the delivery of our Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle in 2018, it was time to really get to know our mobile home before we set off on our expeditions. Our first destination was Northeastern Germany and this region proved to be an ideal “playground” for testing the capable and more than complete expedition vehicle.

In Germany we stayed at campsites and farms where we could recharge the unit, refill water and empty the waste water tanks and above all to get accustomed to the Bliss unit.

After this first successful trip we could prepare for further travelling from the Netherlands, through Belgium, France and Spain, in order to make the transit to the African continent.

The goal of the trip was to “reinvent” exploring these countries, as we had visited them before but never in an expedition truck. This meant travelling from village to village and avoiding the freeway as much as possible. Especially the iOverlander app brought us to some beautiful locations where we often encountered fellow travellers or people who enjoy and encourage the nomadic lifestyle.

Support 24/7

Bliss Mobil’s online Customer Portal certainly helped us during our first trips. We used the online user manuals frequently and questions were well documented and explained through service tickets. During office hours the customer service was easy to reach, while the follow up on sending spare parts was fast! Also the tips from other travelers in the Bliss community were a great support.

In the next article we will report about their adventures in Africa: from Morocco and the Western Sahara, Mauritania, North and South Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, the Ivory Coast to finally Ghana.

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