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15 foot unit – standard on MB Arocs 2053A 4×4

15 foot - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 5 2053A 4×4

This week’s delivery is a beautiful 15 foot unit on a new generation Mercedes-Benz Arocs 5 2053A 4×4! The Bliss Mobil team congratulates the proud owner of the grey metallic painted Bliss Mobil Expedition vehicle. Our customer has chosen a 15 foot unit – Standard which will become their new travelling home.

15 foot unit

Although Bliss Mobil expedition vehicles are already more than complete with their standard equipment, our customer added extra accessories like a truck passage from the unit to the truck cabin, a washing machine, a kitchen set and a 110V – inverter. This unit is one of the first to be equipped with our inhouse-developed mosquito net door, which will protect our customers on the road from ‘uninvited guests’.


The vehicle has also been fitted with extra equipment on the outside. To secure enough storage space on the road, additional storage boxes were mounted on the subframe, a roof rack with LED bars on the driver’s cab and the very popular outdoor kitchen. At the rear of the body is the aluminium motorbike carrier with extended options: It has enough space for 2 motorcycles or 1 motorcycle and 2 bicycles in combination with a spare tire.

For more safety, the 360° View IR-camera system and an internal alarm system have been installed. The 360° view IR camera system allows a clear view even in the pitch dark thanks to infrared technology and all footage is recorded.

Independent travelling

The first trip, the so-called maiden voyage, will take the proud owners through (Northern) Europe. Another destination on the wish list is Russia before the expedition vehicle will be shipped to the USA for a longer trip.

For now, they will enjoy their first beach weekend at the North Sea coast in Holland.
We would like to thank our customers for their trust and wish them many unforgettable journeys!

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