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Another overland vehicle of Bliss Mobil hits the road

20 foot - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3353 6×6

We proudly announce the delivery of a 20 foot Bliss Mobil on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3353 6×6 of the MP5 generation, modified by Hellgeth Engineering. This 530hp strong truck will carry the 20 foot Low Bed.

The brand with the star and a top-of-the-line expedition unit

The truck has been fitted by a third party with beadlock rims and an additional alternator for optimal charging of the Bliss Mobil body. Additionally, a Bliss Mobil roof rack and LED light bars from Lazer were added to the MB’s truck cabin and the vehicle was further made ready for registration by adding fenders, marking lights and TÜV packages.

Customisation with accessories

A motorcycle rack, storage boxes with outdoor kitchen and a batwing awning complete the exterior of this expedition vehicle. The unit has also been equipped with the Arctic package and a water maker, making this expedition vehicle suitable for the most extreme and remote conditions.

Secondary transport

Another special feature is the installation of the latest model iteration of the Bliss Mobil motorbike carrier. The black powder-coated carrier has a max. load capacity of up to 500 kg. This means that after mounting the two 14.00R20 spare wheels, there is still enough space for another means of transport.

What made you choose Bliss?

“We can travel with our expedition vehicle off the beaten track with complete confidence  and I can sleep soundly!”

The expertise is not (only) in the minds of dedicated  technicians, but integrated into the ERP Manufacturing system. Furthermore I feel at home when I walk through the Bliss warehouse. I can realize my dream of traveling worldwide knowing that everything is standardized, processed  in BOMs and in stock. The organization of the administrative ERP IT system at Bliss Mobil allows monitoring of the entire production process. And as far as the ‘final product” is concerned, Bliss Mobil for me creates the benchmark for this industry – the more you standardize, the easier it is to repair or replace the particular part.

Where will the next trips go?

For now, we intend to do some short trips in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, and as soon as the plans for “Bliss Customer – Big Five Expedition” 2022 are worked out, we’ll be there!

We thank our customers for their trust and wish them unforgettable travel experiences!

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

We are here for you

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