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Delivery of a mobile office

The Unimog U4023 is in general a popular choice for overland travel. This week we had a delivery with a Unimog U4023 and a 13 foot High Bed model that will serve as a Mobile Office.

Remote working in mobile office

This unit will be used by our customer to optimize his time traveling and working remotely. Especially in Corona times, we see this as a great solution to avoid busy places, restaurants and hotels. The Bliss Mobil unit is considered as an all-in-one solution, perfectly combining work and leisure.

The best or nothing

The customer has chosen a special Mercedes-Benz colour with a matt finish; MB7281 Cerussite Grey. It enhances the combination together with the black accents of the truck.

The motorbike carrier is fitted with the Quad extension and bicycle carrier. So a light motorbike together with two bikes can be carried simultaneously.

A passage between the unit and the truck is provided for easy access and being able to comfortably enter the truck cabin and vice versa, should you encounter bad weather.

The facilities of our outdoor kitchen and the batwing awning  enlarge the office space outside, to have meetings at  “Corona” distance and with fresh air ventilation. Above all it is a truly unique way to welcome colleagues and clients.

New way of working

The U-shape couch offers a place to seat six people, allowing you to set up business meetings where facilities are there to make a quick lunch or to offer a drink to your colleagues or customers.

The unit is standard equipped with a porcelain yacht grade, grinder toilet (90 liter black water tank) and the optional folding sink in the shower to facilitate washing hands and where you can practice personal hygiene.The hardened glass door can angle at 90 degrees and ensures privacy for both visitors and the owner.

Every unit is equipped with a global Internet router and WiFi facilities allowing for business meetings all over the world.

The 13 foot Bunk beds in the rear, with window for optimal ventilation, facilitate occasional sleepovers”, where our customer chose for the sliding doors, in order to enlarge storage space as well as to provide privacy to the overnight guests

Safe Travels

Motion sensors that are connected to the flood lights of the unit, mounted on each side. They will be connected to the truck spot lights in order to light up as one. Together with this system there is an alarm button installed which activates all the light by the switch of a button.

A 360 degree infrared camera system, document safe and alarm installation have been installed to ensure safe travels.

It has been a great pleasure to us to implement this project with a different scope and accommodate the new way of working.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

We are here for you

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