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The delivery of a 20 foot Low Bed

20 foot - MAN TGS 6×6

We are pleased to announce the delivery of another olive grey expedition truck; a 20 foot Low Bed on a MAN TGS 6×6 of the TG3 generation.

MAN at work

As you can easily deduce from our recent posts, the MAN chassis continues to be very popular with Overlanders, and for good reason! Take a look at this gorgeous TG3 MAN TGS 6×6 with 470 horsepower with an extended cab – a sight to behold.

The MAN is equipped with a roof rack including LED high beams, improved 4G antenna,, SNIPE satellite system and a slide-out ladder to reach the aforementioned rack or even the roof of the Bliss Mobil unit itself. A Ti.Systems, long range fuel tanks and a Birdview system make a very capable expedition truck that can be manoeuvred around town as well.

The Original

It all started with the 20 foot Bliss Mobil and till today it is one of the most popular sizes among Bliss Mobiles. The 20 foot body is perfect for the MAN TGS and combines luxury with performance.

The comfortable interior can be easily accessed via the folding stairs with the optional railing extension, or you can simply crawl through the passageway between the cab and the body.

Customised model in Bliss standard

Our customer wanted more freedom of movement, so the idea of combining the shower with the toilet was born. In this model, the Bliss team again perfectly implemented our customer’s wishes. Apart from the spacious shower-toilet combination, a foldable sink and additional cabinets for storing toiletries and shower accessories were added.

The combination of toilet and bathroom on the entry side is a premiere for our 20 foot Bliss Mobil. Adjusting the floor plan created additional space in the kitchen area for more cabinets and drawers.

Take a look inside

The large, U-shaped seating area was also redesigned and the corners are chamfered. The table, located in the middle of the comfortable bench seat, is foldable and allows easy access to the passage to the vehicle cabin.

Safety guaranteed

This expedition vehicle has been equipped with a full Birdview camera system, additional LED lights on the port- and starboard side and an internal alarm, making sure that people who are not welcome, stay outside.

Enjoy the outdoors

The exterior of the body was upgraded with a motorcycle rack for transporting an additional transport vehicle and extra storage boxes. Of course, our outdoor kitchen could not be missed and thus our customers can also enjoy outdoor life to the fullest!

Blissful travels!

Our customers have an impressive list of overland trips with their MB G-Class. They prefer to travel “independently”, but also always enjoyed the tours organised by Mercedes-Benz. They are already looking forward to the Bliss rental expeditions, where everyone makes its own trip, but can count on the support and company of a small group of like-minded travellers.

The schedule for now? They cannot wait to start the small trips in Europe to become familiar with their expedition truck! The North Cape will follow in the winter and then the bucket list will be further ” ticked off” with extended trips in North and South America.

We welcome our customers to the Bliss community and wish them wonderful and unforgettable trips.

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