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Another premiere! Enter the 16 foot Family

16 foot - MAN TGM 18.320 4x4

We are happy to add yet another model to our expanding product line; the 16 foot Family!

This unit has the same layout as the 15 foot Family, but is larger in every dimension. Compared to the 15 foot,  the bunk bed width has increased from 700 to 800mm. The additional length has been put in a larger kitchen and bigger cabinets opposite of the kitchen.

A “compact” family hauler

For this project our customer chose a MAN TGM 18.320 with a 4.200 mm wheelbase. The driver cabin is configured with a second row of four seats, an original MAN option. With the extended TN-Driver-cab and the chosen configuration of the second row, this vehicle offers the total yet compact package that provides enough seating and sleeping spots for the whole family. This MAN has been built up with storage boxes for the outdoor kitchen, the Bliss Mobil subframe, side underrun protection, and the truck passage.

The independent bunch

As with any of the larger Bliss Mobil units, this 16 foot Family features a double battery bank setup with 800Ah and 20 Kwh of power on a 24 volt Lithium-Ion system. This guarantees enough power to live offgrid for a long, consecutive time even for a large family. The 1.38kw solar array, in combination with the truck’s connection to the Bliss Mobil batteries, provides you with the Freedom of Independence.

The impressive off-grid capabilities of this expedition truck do not stop there! This unit is fitted with a 575L fresh water tank, provides enough fridge- and freezer capacity for a family and the leather clad seating area seats four to six people. The double induction hobs and the standard oven-microwave with grill inside are a good combination with the (optional) outdoor kitchen, where another induction hob and grill are installed.

Not just pretty to look at

The sleeping quarters are divided into a High Bed above the seating area in the front and bunk beds in the rear of the unit. This layout provides privacy to each family member. The double size High Bed drops down in mere seconds and can be put back up with the sheets and bedding intact – the days of constantly making up your bed are definitely over!

The rear bunks come with the optional sliding doors, the bottom bed has a small window and the top bed has access to a roof hatch. When not in use for sleeping, the mattresses can be easily removed and the bunks double as a cabinet.

Our customer decided for the passage, which enables an easy access to the cabin, as he opted for the sleeping couch in the truck cabin, the entrance to the “third bedroom”.


Our Customer has a full time living experience in his previous camper up to date and therefore knew exactly what was important to mobile life and remote work independently.  This starts with the availability of WIFI which is standard in every Bliss Mobil expedition truck, optional with improved coverage network through the antenna. An ambient climate control for comfortable living was guaranteed by the 3 ways of heating and the air conditioning, which all belong to the default equipment of a Bliss Mobil.


As full time living in this tiny house on wheels, an abundance of storage was essential. The big cabinets not only hold the compact washing machine, but offer a place to store year-around supplies and items.

Complete at the inside, complete at the outside

Our customer opted for the batwing awning and in combination with the outdoor kitchen and the table/chair set, he created the perfect outdoor living space. The big storage box at the motorbike carrier will hold large (outdoor) gear and equipment.

Customer Success

Our customer has, beside his experience of full time mobile living, a strong technical background. He therefore appreciated the well engineered Bliss Mobil concept  and detailing in many aspects.  The proven standardised concept ensures (online) customer support and availability of spare parts. In his professional life he is responsible for Customer Success, he therefore feels “at home” with Bliss when it comes to the clear documentations and the professional way Bliss organised Customer Commitment.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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