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Secondary (backup) transport for an expedition vehicle

Being mobile in all situations is a key factor while traveling. This can be in urban areas where the mobility of an expedition truck is sometimes limited, and you want to visit interesting parts of the city. But also when exploring off-road in remote areas, an additional means of transport is essential. In case of a broken or damaged base vehicle, the availability of a replacement vehicle can be crucial to saving your own life and getting help in critical situations. An ATV/Quad, a motorbike or an (electric) bicycle can be your salvation if you are stuck with your expedition vehicle.

Inside vs Outside storage

Transporting an additional vehicle can be done either inside the 20 foot Quad garage, or on the motorbike carrier mounted on the rear of the Bliss Mobil container.

The advantages of an internal quad garage is the protection it offers and that the combination is not extended. That is why we integrated it into the 20 foot unit we first built ten years ago. The internal Quad garage was also adapted for transporting bicycles and motorbikes. For external storage, our engineers developed a motorbike carrier that is attached to the back of the Bliss Mobil unit and can handle a maximum load of 500 kg. In addition to a motorbike, one or two spare wheels can also be mounted. The carrier is a flexible option that can be attached on almost any Bliss Mobile. The platform can be extended for carrying a multitude of vehicles.

Continuous innovation

Over the years, this carrier has been modified for a wider range of transport options. It allows not only the mounting of a motorbike, but also the transport of 2 to 4 bicycles or a motorbike and a normal bicycle or e-bikes. Our next project was to extend the external motorbike carrier, and the result is our ATV extension for motorbike carriers. By the way, the enormous battery capacity of the Bliss Mobil allows you to charge your e-bikes without any problems.

The motorbike carrier is a unique product from Bliss Mobil, also thanks to the full frame and the reinforced structure of the unit. All carriers are mounted directly at the rear in the twistlocks of the unit. A solid structure that avoids unnecessary load and overhang behind the rear axles of the Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle.

The next step

The development of our accessories never stops, and with our wide arrange of accessories we can accommodate almost all customer requirements. In the coming weeks, we will present you further interesting developments that complement our accessory program. This will give you even more choice for the equipment of your vehicle.

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