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First annual customer event by our Chinese authorised dealer

Felix Li and his team hosted the first annual party 2022 for their Chinese Bliss Mobil Customers. But this celebration was a bit different: The participants covered 1300 km of (off-road) driving at this party!

Nine Bliss Mobil Vehicles traveling the ”Land of Abundance"

From the 15th till the 22nd of November, three Unimogs and six MAN overland trucks traveled through the province of Sichuan, located in the Southwest of China. Sichuan is also called the “Land of Abundance” and offers not only beautiful natural landscapes, but also the most natural and cultural World Heritage Sites in China. The adventure started in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, and from there the tour continued to Dagong, Xinduqiao, Seda, Maerkang with their final destination Qingchengshan. Felix and his guests enjoyed exploring the wonderful and breathtaking places in this part of China and sharing this experience.

Comfort in the remote

Despite the high altitude with an average of 3800 meters and the low temperatures of up to -11°C, the travelers felt at home in their Bliss Mobil and enjoyed the (more than) necessary comfort. The true party took place in front of the backdrop of the two famous and impressive snow mountains: Mount Yala and Mount Gongga, considered the “King of the Sichuan Mountains”. Each travel day ended with spending the night together in the Bliss Mobiles far away from the civilized world – in the remote, with joy and sharing the adventures of the day. The tour group was welcomed in Maerkang in a very special way. The government organized a bonfire for all attendees on one of the last days of this special trip.

Chinese Bliss Community

Felix and his team realized over 30 Bliss Mobil vehicles over the last years. Apart from his expertise with regard to import in China and local legislation, his team is fully dedicated to the professional marriage of the Bliss Mobil unit on the truck, the delivery and training as well as the after sales. By organizing this Bliss Customer tour, Felix has laid further foundation stone for the Chinese Bliss community.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

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