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Bliss Mobil at the Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is one of the biggest and toughest off-road competitions for vehicles of different categories like trucks, motorbikes, quads, UTV’s and cars. In the Rally-Raid community, this long-distance off-road rally race is often referred to as the absolute pinnacle. The participants of the Dakar Rally have to race in remote locations with surfaces ranging from gravel paths to high sandy dunes and complete the predetermined route within 2 weeks – with only one rest day!

Saudi Arabia

The 45th edition of the Dakar Rally is held in Saudi Arabia again. It started on December 31st, 2022 at the Sea Camp near Alula (Red Sea Shore) and will finish on January 15th, 2023 in Dammam (Persian Gulf Shore). Saudi Arabia is hosting this event for the 4th time and the route will feature new tracks, less liaison and 5.000 kilometers of special stages.
This year’s edition is special for Bliss Mobil, as one of our customers is following the drivers in the Dakar Rally with his truck. A Bliss Mobil is the ideal expedition vehicle to conquer such an environment with sand, rocks, gravel or tarmac. Like this Zetros, he can effortlessly handle the terrain because of its torsion-free subframe and smart-positioned gravitation.

Participants at the Dakar: The necessity of Independence

The Dakar Rally cannot be compared with other rallies, it demands a lot from the more than 500 participants with 53 different nationalities and their vehicles. Stamina and willpower is what keeps them going.
In this endurance rally-raid, the racers have to find their way through rough terrain with countless obstacles and unsafe passages. The whole race is split into different stages which the drivers need to complete. The participants do not use modern navigational devices, they get a so-called roadbook that contains a bunch of numbers and symbols helping to get to the various waypoints that are spread across every stage. Studying and understanding this roadbook is key to make it to the finish line. Throughout the stages, only the driver and co-pilot are allowed to repair the vehicle or change a tyre. Mechanics are not permitted to assist before the bivouac has been reached.

Bliss at the Dakar: The Freedom of Independence

One of our customers is literally following the Dakar Rally with their truck. They shared stunning pictures and stories with us and their Bliss Mobil attracted a lot of attention. Not only by the Mercedes off-road performance in the desert, but also because of the perfect equipment for living and travelling “off the grid”. They enjoyed ‘participating’ in the Dakar while being completely independent and comfortable in their Bliss ‘shelter’. During the rally days, they can closely follow the drivers and set up their “camp” to enjoy the beauty of the desert in complete ”Freedom of Independence”. Another unique experience as part of their 5 years of travelling around the world (WOLO-OWOL). As icing on the cake, they found a fitting souvenir in the desert, a rear wing with an official rally number-their own Dakar-Trophy.

“A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.”
Thierry Sabine

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