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Delivery of a 13 foot unit on a Unimog U1550 L37

13 foot - Unimog U1550 L37 4x4

We are pleased to inform you about the delivery of another 13 foot High bed type 4 to our valued customers from the USA. The unit was placed on an Unimog U1550 L37 that was extensively upgraded with a U4000 driver’s cabin, roof rack, storage boxes, and new U4000 axless. 

Freedom of independence

Our customers are well travelled and appreciate the reliability of a Bliss Mobil, which offers “Freedom of independence”. Originally, the customer owned a 15 foot unit, but he decided by conviction for the more compact and space efficient 13 foot High Bed unit, especially in combination with the Unimog. Their Unimog was first registered more than 25 years ago and can therefore be imported into the USA without any problems.

Bliss Mobil 13 foot unit

A 13 foot High Bed with a type 4 interior has a large, comfortable bed that can be electronically lowered, raised and levelled. The bed measures 1400 x 2000 mm and is located above the seating area. In a High Bed Type 4 layout, the vacant space is used for additional interior storage space and a spacious full wet bathroom. The bathroom is located in the back of the unit and is equipped with a yacht-quality ceramic toilet and waterproof cabinets. The additional, large cabinet situated in the kitchen allows for storage of the optional washing machine. 

Accessories for the U.S. market

This 13 foot unit is well specced with additional accessories specifically for the U.S. market, such as a complete 110-volt electrical system in addition to the standard 230-volt system. Extra lithium batteries have also been added, increasing capacity to 800 Ah with over 20 kWh of usable energy. Combined with the 13-foot model’s powerful standard solar panels, which provide 1 kWh, an excellent energy balance can be achieved.

Additional options

A special option is the Seagull X-1F, which is mounted underneath the kitchen sink, and provides secondary filtering in addition to the standard 4 time filtering of the freshwater.

New and optional are the in house 3D printed shelves with USB charging function for the high bed. This feature gives the high bed usable space on the sides where you can place your telephone or glasses while sleeping

Blissfull travels

Currently, our customers are doing a shake-down trip through Europe. After this journey, the Bliss Mobil will undergo a final inspection in our workshop before shipping to the USA. We thank our customers for their renewed confidence and wish them blissfull travels.

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