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North Cape Expedition 2023

4000 km through Scandinavia in 17 days

North Cape expedition 2023 has come to a successful end! A wonderful trip where nine Bliss Mobil owners got the ultimate expedition travel experience under the guidance of our traveling partner Overland Travel. The trucks traveled through Norway, Sweden and Finland. The expedition took around 4000 km in 17 days.

Everything, but not “a walk in the park”

This was a true expedition, and not “a walk in the park”, heavy snow storms and icy roads along the way. With temperatures reaching -30 degrees Celsius, the requirements were high for a safe and reliable shelter well-equipped for these extreme temperatures. Icy roads with invisible shoulders, covered in snow, resulted in several trucks getting stuck in the deep snow. Thanks to the great team and rescue work of both Overland Travel and the Travel participants, the Bliss-Mobiles were freed from the snow again; that’s what we call team spirit! Our customers were from the USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Brazil and Belgium, and they all shared a passion for adventurous travel.

(Northern) highlights

Traveling the wonderful empty white world is a great experience in itself, especially when, after heavy weather conditions, blue skies appear and the Scandinavian landscape shows the best of itself. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) were clearly visible during several nights. Apart from these wonders of nature, this expedition included countless activities, like ice driving training, ice fishing, a trip with an icebreaker, snow scootering and a dog sledding tour. A typical Scandinavian Sauna with -20 degrees outside was part of the experience as well, where the spectacular Norwegian Fjords could be watched from a Catamaran. Our customers well appreciated this variety of activities.

Reaching the North Cape

Although traveling and being on the road is the goal, our customers were rewarded in a very special way when they arrived at the North Cape. It was exceptionally calm weather with blue skies, our customers were the only ones at their destination, and they were allowed to camp for a night at this iconic northern point of Europe.

We are grateful for our partnership with Overland Travel, who showed their technical support, expertised guidance and endless energy to have made this expedition a great success again! 

The pictures speak for themselves.

Bliss Rental expeditions

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Bliss Customers Expeditions

At Bliss, we not only aim to provide the best expedition vehicles, but we like to offer our customers the experience (and training) of Overland Travel. The bliss community is growing, enthusiastic and very much welcoming new traveling fellows. 

In 2023, we have two more owner expeditions scheduled for Iceland and Morocco, where in for 2024 adventurous South America Expeditions are planned.

Get in touch with Overland Travel directly or send us your interest.

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