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Another two 13 foot units are on their way to China

Last week two more 13 foot High Bed units left for China where they will start their life of expeditions on a MAN 13.290 4×4 truck. Our authorized dealer BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd will take care of the marriage.

Truck and Unit

The Bliss Units, the truck-specific torsion free subframe as well as accessories are manufactured in Breda without the need of having the truck on-site. For their first trip overseas to China, the 13 foots High Bed Family are safely stored in a 40 foot High Cube shipping container. The two MAN 13.290 4×4 are already prepared by BRIX, and they are the perfect vehicle for our Chinese customers. Thanks to their short wheelbase, they are compliant with the strict Chinese Regulations, concerning the 6 meter length overall.

13 foot unit High Bed Family

The 13 foot unit High Bed is the most compact and space efficient unit available. It is equipped with a comfortable High Bed above the seating area, which can electronically be lowered, raised or leveled. Both units house a cozy seating area that can be converted into an extra double bed, a well-equipped kitchen and combined toilet/shower utilities. These units also have a single bed in the rear, which makes it perfect for a family of three or creates the possibility to accommodate a guest while traveling. Any available space is optimally used for extra storage. The units offer the perfect balance to guarantee exciting times of traveling without missing the comfort.


Both units are equipped with extra accessories, and they are accessible through the cabin, which has been made possible by adding the Truck Cabin Passage. Once the travelers are inside the unit, they can feel comfortable and safe and keep an eye on the surroundings of their Bliss Mobil by using the 360° view IR-camera system and the additional exterior lighting. The towel heater in the bathroom will give them not only extra comfort, but can also be used to dry wet towels or outdoor gear.

One of the units can wash the clothes on the go thanks to the economical washing machine that can handle loads up to 3.5 kg.

Special requests

Our customers decided to double the capacity of the electrical system by adding an additional battery pack to the 11 kW battery capacity. It does not only increase the energy storage, but also offers extra security in case of an unexpected failure. 

On the back of the unit a motorbike carrier has been mounted that enables the transport of a secondary vehicle, which is essential when travelling remote. It can accommodate different kinds of vehicles and provides space for a spare wheel.

Towards many exciting adventures

Thank you to Felix and his team, and we look forward to receiving pictures from the finalized Bliss Mobils. We are sure they will enrich the life of their new owners and we can only imagine the adventures they will be on. It could be like the customer journey in December 2022. We wish them blissful travels and if you are curious about the possibility of owning your own Bliss Mobil just contact us.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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