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Delivery of a 20 Foot Unit on a MB Arocs 3351

20 foot - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3351 6x6

Last week we delivered a 20 foot unit with a low bed layout. Our customers told us that they had never felt they had to wait so long for something they were so much looking forward to. 

The 20 foot unit Low Bed was married with a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3351 6*6.  After the two days training In Breda they left us with a big smile and couldn’t wait to hit the road home to Switzerland, quickly to be followed for embarking on epic adventures in their Bliss Mobil unit.

Living off-grid.. anywhere

The fully-equipped Bliss Mobil unit is a state-of-the-art “mobile home”  designed for off-grid living. The unit has many features that make the unit self-sustainable and relishes the freedom of true Independence. 

All our 20 foot unit models come standard with an abundance of clean water (550 liters) , safe by filtering three times before using it. In addition our customers opted for the watermaker, with reverse osmosis to purify natural water to safe drinking water.

The solar panels on the roof (2Kw) in combination with Li-Ion batteries (22Kw /24V), ensure an abundance of energy to optimally use all on-board functionalities and devices during extended periods of traveling. Backup charging is in place by charging the batteries over the alternator of the truck. 

The advanced heating (including the arctic package) and cooling systems, promise them safe traveling in any climate, from the scorching heat of the desert to the freezing temperatures of the Arctic.

Traveling in style and comfort

The fully-equipped 20 foot unit was crafted by the Bliss Mobil team with great dedication. Inside, a meticulously designed living space greeted them, complete with a cozy bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, and a spacious lounge area. The interior is made with high-quality materials and sleek finishes. 

The many standard accessories in the 20 foot, like the washing machine, the 24 inch Mac, cordless vacuum cleaner and many more makes traveling in great comfort. Our customers opted for leather upholstery, this in combination with the solid and quality bamboo cabinet fronts, gives the unit a stylish interior.

Built for a long travel in any condition

They will be traveling with their dogs and therefore the passage between the unit and the truck, which can be in closed as well as in open position while driving, was an important requirement to accommodate their companions with additional space to move around. The folding table offers easy accessibility.

Happy new Bliss memories!

Over the coming years, the Bliss Mobil unit will take them to breathtaking destinations they had only dreamed of. They love outdoor living and look forward to using the outdoor kitchen in remote places.

Overland traveling is a new chapter in their life. With confidence and appreciation for the proven Bliss concept, they are ready to take on this new adventure! Starting in Portugal they will explore the Southern routes of Europe. Thereafter they will meet and travel with other Bliss Customers during the Morocco expedition in October. 

We are proud to have become part of their dream travels and we wish them many unforgettable journeys.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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