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A Bliss Mobil as mobile office: 16 foot on a Arocs

16 Foot - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 1835 4x4

Last week, we delivered a Bliss Mobil that will be used as a mobile office.: A 16 foot unit – Standard on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 1835 AK 4×4 in the colour graphite grey. This beautiful combination will save our customers travel time and allow them to work comfortably on the road.

The Truck

The 16 foot unit is one of our most popular units, offering great interior space with the same height and width as the bigger Bliss Mobil units. Another advantage is that with its 5-metre length, the 16 foot still fits on a 4 x 4 chassis. The combination measures just under 7.5 metres without the carrier on the back, and is +/- 3.75 metres high.  

The MB Arocs 1835 AK 4×4 has sufficient horsepower (354 PS / 260 kW) and can handle any offroad-situation with its 365/85 R 20 tyres. This specific truck has a strong and upgraded Generator 25V/150A, which enables faster charging of the unit batteries in winter conditions, when the solar panels are covered with snow. With all its high tech features, the Arcos sets standards in the areas of efficiency, digitalisation, safety and connectivity, like the Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), LED-lights and the MirrorCam. 

The cameras of the MirrorCam are mounted high on the roof frame and the monitors are located inside the cab. The driver has a significantly better view that is also unobstructed because there are no large exterior mirrors. A big advantage when approaching junctions and roundabouts or manoeuvring and driving along narrow curves. Everything is displayed on the Multimedia Cockpit. The drivers cabinet has been equipped with a folding table that can be used as a bureau while driving comfortably, so the passenger can work while driving 

The driver’s cab has been fitted by Bliss Mobil with a Roof rack and LED-Lights providing additional light in dark winter conditions. The ladder to the roof rack slides between the drivers cabin and unit, and enables easy access to the roof rack. 

The unit

Our customer opted for a 16 foot unit – Standard that combines the best of both worlds; relatively compact length with increased height and width. This cosy unit with the standard layout offers a large bed in the back, perfect for our customers to take a good night’s rest after a busy working day. The toilet and bathroom are separated and by opening the glass-door and setting at an angle of 90 degrees it can be used as a room-divider. The kitchen is fully equipped, and our customers can cook delicious meals after work. To make life easier on the go, the interior has been upgraded with, for example, a washing machine, an iMac, a Dyson vacuum-cleaner, a towel heater, a foldable table, a kitchen set, a steam oven and fine-mesh mosquito nets to keep even the smallest critters outside. 

Further accessories have also been added on the outside of the Bliss Mobil, such as the extra 3G/4G antenna, Bird View Camera for 360° overview and a GPS tracker mounted on the roof of the vehicle.

Our in-house developed motorbike carrier is mounted on the rear of the unit and offers space for a bicycle kit for 2 bikes and 4 sand plates in addition to the spare wheel. The mobile workplace has an outdoor kitchen and additional exterior lighting to enjoy the outdoor living. And the Arctic Package offers our customer a safe and comfortable workplace even in cold conditions.

Bliss Mobil as mobile office

Our customers will use this Bliss Mobil as a mobile office for work. Helping them to save travel time, be on-site and fully focus during their project. As such, this Bliss Mobil will be used as a mobile office and apartment. It offers plenty of possibilities during a working-day, like hosting online meetings (Wi-Fi is on board) and monitoring projects on location. 

We want to thank our customers for their trust and wish them all the best with their mobile Bliss-Office. If you are interested in the possibilities Bliss Mobil can offer you, just contact us.

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