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Delivery of a 15 foot Bliss Mobil on a Mercedes Benz 1224

15 foot - Mercedes-Benz 1224 4x4

The American market keeps growing! This week, a 15 foot unit with a Family layout on a grey Mercedes-Benz 1224 left our workshop for the USA. But before this Bliss Mobil will be shipped to its new home country, it will first explore Europe.

Ultimate travel experience

We first met our customer at the Overland Expo East. And before deciding to buy a Bliss Mobil, our customer took part in one of our self-drive rental expeditions through Iceland. This allowed her to test and experience the power and capabilities of a Bliss Mobil off the beaten track for herself. It is not surprising that after this trip she was convinced and started the project of her own Bliss expedition vehicle.
The choice of vehicle was a Mercedes-Benz 1224 with a wheelbase of 3640 mm, which in its former life was used as a fire truck. As the Mercedes-Benz is over 25 years old, it can easily be imported into the USA.

Family layout, friends and family are welcome

Our customer is our first female customer who is going to make expeditions, offering the space for family and friends to join her. The 15 Foot Unit – High Bed Family offers more space since the high bed can be raised when not in use. The bed is located above the seating area and can easily be lowered, raised or levelled. This means you always have a “straight” bed, even if the ground is “crooked”. The cosy seating area can easily be converted into another double bed. In the rear part of the unit you will find a bunk bed.
The compact kitchen offers plenty of space and is equipped with everything (and more) you need on the road. The toilet and bathroom are separated and located next to the kitchen. In addition, the bathroom door can be used as a room divider, providing more privacy on the road.

Selected options

Our customer has enhanced this Bliss Mobil with numerous options that make life on the road even more comfortable. The motorbike carrier on the back can carry a spare tyre and allows you to transport a second vehicle such as a motorbike or 2 bicycles. You will also find a batwing awning on the outside of the vehicle, additional storage boxes on the chassis, an outdoor kitchen and a roof rack. The unit and the truck cabin are connected by a truck passage, which can be locked at both sides.

The living area has been upgraded with a towel heater in the bathroom, a vacuum cleaner, an built-in security safe, the kitchen set and a washing machine. An integrated water maker ensures sufficient clean and safe water even in the middle of nowhere.

Travel plans

The first trip will take our client through Europe, and we know that there is a lot to discover on this continent. The plan is to ship the Bliss Mobil to its new home in the USA later on. We will also assist our client with the shipping and registration in the USA. We wish her blissful and exciting travels on and off the beaten track. If you have any questions or would like to test drive a Bliss Mobil yourself during our organised self-drive rental expeditions, please contact us.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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