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2 more Bliss Mobil units for the Chinese fleet

China is turning orange with two more 13 foot units that left our workshop in Breda, and now they are on their way to Beijing, China. At BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd, two sturdy MAN 13.290 4×4 trucks are waiting for the marriage and from experience, we know that the 13 foot unit fits perfectly on this particular MAN.

Unique Bliss Concept – Reliable dealer

The unique Bliss Mobil concept of the independent, fully functional unit that combines compactness with luxury enables us to deliver worldwide. The manufacturing of the unit can be done without the truck, and the marriage can take place anywhere at one of our dealers of your choice.

This is how we operate with BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd. our dealer in China for many years now. Felix and his team will take care of marriage, finish the truck and take care of the training and support of our new customers in China. And they are not only doing an impressive job by establishing the Community, but also by organising events and expeditions locally.

2 identical Bliss Mobil units

Those 13 foot units come standard with a comfortable bed above the sitting area (High Bed) that can be lowered, raised, and levelled electronically and a cosy U-shaped seating area that can easily be converted into a double-bed. The toilet and bathroom are combined and thus creating more space for a larger kitchen and in the rear of the unit for a Single or bunk-bed (optionally) ideal for family or guests. The kitchen is well-equipped with 2 induction hobs, a multifunctional microwave and plenty of storage space. Both units have been upgraded with extra accessories like a truck passage, seat belts in the couch area and a washing machine. Additional battery pack has been added to increase not only the storage capacity of the electrical system, but also offer redundancy in case of unexpected failure.
On the outside, a motorbike carrier has been mounted on the rear of the unit, which can accommodate different vehicles and provides space for a spare wheel. With the 360° view IR-camera system, the owners can keep an eye on the direct environment of the Bliss Mobil.

China is colouring orange

The Chinese Bliss community keeps growing and from experience we know that the 13 foot unit is perfect for our Chinese customers. In combination with the MAN and its short wheelbase, the Bliss Mobils meet the strict Chinese regulations that stipulate an overall length of 6 metres. The shipped Bliss Mobil units support the upcoming motorhome culture in the Land of the Dragon, a country with spectacular scenic spots and breathtaking landscape. If you are curious about the possibilities of a Bliss Mobil, just contact us.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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