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Two Film Crew units with destination Mongolia

16 foot - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2045A

Two special 16 foot Units – Standard on a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2045A, left our workshop this week for Mongolia. These Bliss Mobils were purchased by a Mongolian Film Crew and will serve as their home on four wheels while filming in this magnificent country. The history of Mongolia is closely linked to the famous Mongol ruler Genghis (Chinggis) Khan. Our client intends to produce a film about the founder of the Mongol Empire. Currently, the team is touring the world with a theatre show inspired by Genghis (Chinggis) Khan.

The vehicles

Our 16 foot units combine the best of both worlds with their increased height and width and a relatively modest length. In the rear of the units you will find a fixed double-bed with an optional TV and above the seating area, that can also easily be converted into an extra double-bed, an additional High-Bed. Providing a total sleeping capacity for up to 6 persons.
The complete and spacious kitchen has been upgraded with the optional kitchen set, a chemist cabinet and an  iMac on an extendable arm mounted in the main cabinet. The toilet and bathroom are separated in this layout, and the bathroom door can be used as a room divider for more privacy while travelling. Both units have been specced with extra accessories like a folding sink, towel heater, magnetic mosquito doors and a shoe cabinet.

Additional accessories

The driver’s cabin of the Arocs has been fitted with a roof rack, that will not only protect the vehicle against f.e. drooping branches but can also be used for filming and observing the wide open Mongolian steppe. Our motorbike carrier is mounted on the rear and has been fitted with sand plates and a batwing awning. With his loading capacity of 500 kg, he can carry a wide variety of (motor)bikes and the spare tyres. The Bliss Mobils have also been upgraded with extra accessories on the outside, like the 360° view IR-camera system, additional exterior lights, storage boxes on the subframe and the outdoor kitchen, to enjoy all aspects of living outside.

Freedom of Indepence

The weather-conditions can be very harsh in Mongolia, but our Arctic Package will not only assure the functionality of the Bliss Mobils, but also keep the Film Crew warm. They also do not have to worry about water or electricity and can travel through remote Mongolia to shoot their film. The 16 foot units have the same amount of solar panels as the 18 foot and a combined capacity of 1,3 kW. The power is stored in 2 parallel connected 24V Lithium-ion battery packs with a joint output capacity of >20kWh or 800Ah of energy storage. Above that, the fresh water tanks have a capacity of 550 Litres.

Bayarlalaa (Thank you)

We are very honoured that this Mongolian customer has chosen Bliss Mobil to build their support vehicles for the film shoot, and we cannot wait to see the finished film. Are you looking for a home away from home that allows you to travel with the Freedom of Independence? Please contact us.

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