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Shipment of 16 foot High Bed Family to the United Arab Emirates

We are happy with the delivery of yet another 16 foot Bliss Mobil unit. This time, a 16 foot unit – High Bed Family left our workshop and is safely on its way to the United Arab Emirates on a 40-foot Flatbed, where a beautiful Mercedes-Benz Zetros 1833 4×4 is already waiting for it.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 1833 4×4

In this project, our customer already owned a Zetros 1833 4×4 and was looking for a suitable body. We had the perfect solution for him! The combination of Bliss Mobil and MB Zetros is a classic one for us. We have already built more than 14 different combinations, like a Zetros 2733 6×6 with a 16 foot unit or the powerful Zetros 3354 6×6 with a 20 foot unit.
The truck of our customer is located in the United Arab Emirates, and there was no need to transport it to the Netherlands. We shipped the 16 foot unit with its custom-made subframe and all the extra accessories safely packed in a crate on a 40-foot Flat Rack. After arrival, the marriage can take place and the Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle will be completed on site in the UAE.

16 foot unit High Bed Family

The 16 foot unit with a High Bed Family layout is perfect for a family. This model is equipped with a High-Bed (1,400 x 2,000 mm) above the seating area that can be lowered, raised and levelled electronically and in the rear with a bunk-bed. A window or roof hatch provides additional ventilation and light. The bunk-beds have soft mattresses that are 800 x 2 000 mm, so even adults can get a good night of sleep. If required, the couch can be easily converted into an extra double-bed. This clever layout makes it possible for four to six people to live, eat, and sleep. With ample space for storage between the couch and the separate shower and toilet, and a kitchen equipped with all the necessary amenities and more. The shower and toilet are separated and located opposite each other. However, compared to a 15-foot model, they offer more space thanks to the additional width and height of a 16-foot model.

This 16 foot has been upgraded with multiple additional accessories, some of them are already installed and some will be added after the marriage. The inside of the unit has already been fitted with, for example, a water maker, the Arctic Package, a towel heater and a folding sink in the bathroom, and a washing machine. Our customer also opted for US
Charging (Charging 110V) which enables them to charge the Bliss Mobil using 110V shore power.
On the outside, you will find a 360° view IR camera system, external motion sensors, additional lighting, a motorbike carrier with bicycle kit, and an upgraded winch. After the subframe and unit have been mounted on the truck, our specialists can commence the integration of the NATO connection, the truck cabin passage, the roof rack on the truck cabin and the ladder to the roof rack, the batwing awning, and the storage boxes onto the subframe.

Unforgettable journeys

The family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the unit and the completion of their Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle. They are excited to travel through the Middle East and then heading home to Europe. The family will not only discover new places on their journey, but also give their children the unique opportunity to experience the world in a special way. Overlanding and exploring the outdoors will enrich them. We wish them unforgettable trips both on and off the road with their Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle and look forward to supporting them around the world.
If you would like to join the Bliss Mobil family and acquire your own expedition vehicle, please contact us.

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