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Two more 13 foot Bliss Mobil Units for China

Exciting news for you: two 13 foot Bliss Mobil Units are currently on their way to China, marking a new milestone for us. With over 45 customers in China, this delivery underlines our commitment to providing unparalleled mobile living solutions to our valued customers. Two powerful MAN 13.290 4×4 trucks are already waiting at BRIX Machinery Co. Ltd for their marriage.

Luxury and comfort on the move

At Bliss Mobil, we proudly deliver state-of-the-art, standardized mobile units that redefine the concept of luxury and comfort on the road. These Bliss Mobil units represent and combine an innovative design, cutting-edge technology and outstanding craftsmanship. Whether you plan to explore rugged terrain, embark on extended road trips, or want to create a mobile living space that reflects the freedom of independence, Bliss Mobil units are designed to exceed these expectations.

These two Bliss Mobil units, on their way to China, symbolize the unique concept of the “containerised” unit that can be transported to any destination in the world, where the marriage with the truck will take place. With this concept, we do not require a vehicle in our workshop.

13 foot units

One of the Bliss Mobils delivered is our last example of a 13 foot unit – Standard. This model will be replaced by a 13 foot Unit – Middle Couch that will be launched in 2024. A 13 foot unit with a standard layout has a fixed double bed in the rear and separate toilet and bathroom opposite each other. The kitchen is well-equipped and located next to the cosy seating area, which can easily be converted into another single bed. The second unit is a 13 foot unit with a comfortable bed above the seating area (High Bed), that can be lowered, raised or levelled electronically. The bathroom and toilet are combined in this model and enable a larger kitchen and the fitting of a single or bunk bed in the rear.

Extra accessories

Both units feature spacious interiors thoughtfully designed to maximize comfort and functionality. Our customers have also opted for extra accessories such as a washing machine, a truck passage, our motorbike carrier at the rear, additional exterior lighting and 360° View IR-camera system.
We know from experience that the 13 foot unit is perfect for our Chinese customers. In combination with the MAN and its short wheelbase, the finished Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle will meet the strict Chinese regulations.

A big thank you to our dealer, Brix Machinery!

As the Chinese community continues to grow, we are grateful for the dedication of Felix and his team in Beijing. With their commitment, they have managed to establish the Chinese community and the Bliss brand in their home country – the land of the dragon. If you are interested in our concept and would like to discuss your plans with our team, please contact us.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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