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Delivery of a 13 foot Type 4 on a Unimog U4000 4×4

13 foot - Unimog U4000 4x4

This week, a special project has been finished that was only possible because of our unique concept of an independent unit. Our Dutch customer swapped the unit on his Unimog U4000 4×4: He arrived with a 13 foot unit – Standard in our workshop in Breda and left with a 13 foot High Bed Type 4.

Independent unit

We have known our customer for many years, as he purchased a 13 foot unit Standard for his Unimog U4000 4×4 in 2020. Since then, many expeditions have been made, and they also joined several of our Customer Expeditions, where they met other Bliss Mobil enthusiasts with a 13 foot unit High Bed Layout. They discovered the benefits of this unit, especially for longer journeys and decided to switch the units. A 13 foot unit High Bed offers more storage space inside and a large U-shaped seating area that can be converted into an extra double-bed. To compensate for the lack of storage space in the garage, external storage boxes were mounted.

Planned adventures

Our independent unit concept is unique and enabled our customer to pursue his wish without the need to buy a new truck or subframe. He came in with his Bliss Mobil and we swapped the units. This is also a big advantage if you use the truck for different purposes or if your truck is damaged or if you want to use a different vehicle for your unit. The Unimog U4000 4×4 is a robust and the perfect off-road vehicle: a real workhorse and indestructible. This vehicle is unstoppable off-road and provides unlimited fun!

Our Customer is ready for the Bliss Customer Expedition 2024. The unit is perfectly equipped for this challenging expedition with extreme weather conditions (from cold to hot) as well as travelling at heights up to 4000 meters. In addition to the already complete standard equipment, they opted for extra accessories like an additional Victron battery pack, that doubles the battery capacity and offers redundancy. Furthermore, a towel heater and a folding sink have been installed in the bathroom and the integrated washing machine enables them to wash their clothes on the go. All this comfort will make them feel at home during their 1-year lasting expedition through South America 


A special extra feature of this Bliss Mobil is the Flat High Performance Starlink, which is known from the SpaceX project from Elons Musk’s company. This mobility application secures internet connection in challenging environments and connects to special satellites for high-speed internet.
The device’s wide field of view and enhanced GPS features allow it to connect to more satellites, ensuring consistent connectivity while on the move. Furthermore, the hardware has been specifically designed to be permanently installed and exhibits greater resistance to extreme environments.

Pre-owned - Bliss Mobil approved for a new life!

What will happen to the 13 foot unit – Standard? At Bliss Mobil we have a Pre-owned section where also this unit will be available soon and get a second life. But before, our specialists will do a thorough check-up, guided by our dedicated inspection-list with over 150 checks. Are you interested in a new or pre-owned Bliss Mobil? Please contact us.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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