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X-mas delivery of a 18 foot unit on a MAN TGM 18.329 4×4

It is still busy at our workshop and this week’s delivery is a 18 foot unit – Standard – Large Shower/Toilet on a MAN TGM 18.329 4×4. This compact but spacious Bliss Mobil is on its way to Germany, where it will be used for semi-permanent living.


We know from experience that the MAN TGM 18.329 4×4, with a 4,500 mm wheelbase, serves as an excellent truck for a 18 foot unit. With its 395/85R20 tires, it strikes a fine balance between off-road and all-road performance. This latest iteration offers superior comfort without compromising its ability to handle rugged conditions. And despite its 9-meter length and just under 3.8-meter height, this Bliss Mobil fusion maintains a manageable size, even within European confines.

Our customers already baptised the combination with the name “Taurus”. Because this Bliss Mobil will become more than just a vehicle. It is a symbol of their exploration, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of adventure.

Apartment on wheels

A 18 foot unit with the spacious shower and toilet from the 20 foot layout offers luxury and comfort from home. Nestled at the rear is a cosy double-bed, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for two. The large and versatile U-shaped seating area in the front easily converts into a sleeping space for two additional guests. Privacy is ensured with the separate shower and toilet space, and the bathroom door that doubles as a divider for added seclusion.

Our customer has customized the Bliss Mobil to fit personal preferences and elevated its luxury and functionality with supplementary features such as a washing machine, towel heater, vacuum cleaner and the Arctic Package. A truck passage enables easy and safe access from the unit to the driver’s cabin, while mosquito nets keep unwelcome visitors at bay.

The exterior has also undergone enhancements like a roof rack with a ladder on the driver’s cabin and storage boxes on the subframe and chassis. The outdoor kitchen in combination with the Batwing Awning with its extendable arms and LED lights amplify the functionality and extends the living space outdoors. The additional exterior lighting, the 360° view IR-camera system and LED bars on the roof rack bolster security and visibility. And the motorbike carrier at the rear not only accommodates (motor) bikes, but also houses sand plates and the spare tire.

Our customers’ dream

They have already planned their maiden voyage, which will bring them to Sicily over the holidays, marking the beginning of exciting adventures. In the coming years they will be traveling across Europe and plan to steer clear of the well-trodden paths, exploring the hidden gems off the beaten tracks. This 18 foot unit will also serve as a mobile apartment if working on-site is required for a longer period of time.

However, this is just the beginning. In five years, their sights are set to traverse North America. And their ultimate dream is to navigate the legendary Pan-American Highway southward and truly experience the Freedom of Independence of a Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle. You want to know more about our expedition vehicles, please contact us.

New: Bliss Mobil Experience days

A unique opportunity to experience and use all aspects and functionalities of the Bliss yourself.

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