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Delivery of a 20 foot on a Freightliner 114SD

Delivery of “Conor’s Journey”
Last week we had the delivery of a very special project, called “Conor’s Journey”! A 20 foot unit – Low Bed with a some modifications mounted on a Freightliner 114SD is now on its way to the United States. The delivery of this special home on wheels is a noteworthy event in the world of making dreams come true. We built this Bliss Mobil for Conor, a young disabled boy who will be traveling with his family.

Designed for comfortable travel

A 20 foot unit – Low Bed offers premium amenities for adventurous travelers. Coupled with the rugged and reliable Freightliner 114SD, it makes sure that this Bliss Mobil will conquer any American terrain, on- or off-road, promising adventure and luxury enthusiasts comfortable and sustainable travel. Due to the unique concept of the independent Bliss unit, we were able to start building the living unit while the truck was on its way from the USA to Europe. The marriage was completed in Breda, the Netherlands, and the complete combination is now on its way back to the customer in the USA.

What is special about this unit?

With this Bliss Mobil, we give a mobility impaired person the Freedom of Independence while traveling. We have modified this unit so that it can still be delivered in our current standardized concept. Our team has widened the entrance door and added an elevator. This allows Conor to enter the unit via an electric chair lift that is nicely integrated into the living unit. When not in use, the chair lift can be stored in a special cabinet in the kitchen. In addition, a wall-mounted folding chair has been placed in the bathroom, as well as strategically placed ergonomic handle grab bars.

Why Bliss Mobil?

Our customer chose Bliss Mobil for this unique project for several reasons, as he told us:
”Bliss Mobil’s ability, and dedicated willingness, to accommodate Conor’s unique physical needs. Including the electric chair lift and other handicap accessible features throughout the living unit “
“I was drawn to Bliss Mobil’s high quality craftsmanship and materials used, most specifically the natural Bamboo wood throughout the interior, which gives a warm and cozy feeling”
“Having been a Recreational Vehicle traveler and adventurer for the past 20 years, I have experienced logistical challenges as well as maintenance and unexpected repairs. The flexibility of being able to remove the Bliss Mobil living unit from the truck chassis, whatever the reason may be, sounded very appealing to me based on my previous 2 decades of practical travel experience. It will also allow me to upgrade or change my truck while keeping the same Bliss Mobil living unit. When it comes to overlanding and expedition travel, having that flexibility and option in my back pocket is priceless, whether it’s next year or 2 decades from now. “


The successful delivery of the 20-foot Bliss Mobil on the Freightliner 114SD marks a significant milestone for our company. It expands Bliss Mobil’s presence in the American market, offering travelers the opportunity to enjoy their travel experiences in style and luxury.
This news comes at a time when there is a growing demand for a high-quality and standardized concept is growing. Bliss Mobil meets this demand by providing advanced and well-designed units, as well as providing local service and support from our US HUB in Longmont ( Colorado). We welcome our customer and his family to the US Bliss Mobil community.

Travel Plans

Conor’s journey will start in the USA, but they already have big plans to travel around the world. It has been a real honor for us to be part of this unique project and make a dream come true. Our dedicated team made the impossible possible by making the right adjustments, such as the chairlift, to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for Conor and his family.

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