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Shipment of 13 foot – High Bed Type 4 to the United States

We are excited with the delivery of yet another 13 foot Bliss Mobil unit. This time, a  13 foot unit – High Bed – Type 4 left our workshop and is well protected on its way to our Bliss Mobil USA headquarters in Longmont, Colorado. The unit will complete its marriage with an AEV Ram 5500 in the States, which makes a very practical and versatile combination. 

AEV Ram 5500

In this project, our customer  wished to have  a compact unit which he can fit on a Ram 5500 chassis. The combination of a 13 foot unit and an AEV Ram 5500 truck is a great combination and, particularly from American customers, shows an increasing demand. It will be our third AEV Prospector XL Ram 5500 build.

The truck of our customer is located in the United States, and there was no need to transport it to the Netherlands. We shipped the 13 foot unit with its custom-made subframe and all the extra accessories safely packed in a 40-foot High Cube container. 

13 foot unit High Bed Type 4

The 13 foot High Bed with a type 4 interior has a large, comfortable bed that can be electronically lowered, raised and leveled. The bed is 1.400 x 2.000mm and is located above the seating area. The large, U-shaped couch itself can be converted into a bed as well. With the couch converted, a 13 foot Bliss Mobil with this particular High Bed interior can comfortably sleep four people.

With a High Bed Type 4 layout, the vacant space is used for a large, full wet bathroom. The heated wet bath in the back of the unit contains a yacht grade ceramic toilet, fully equipped bathroom, and waterproof cabinets. The full wet bath is equipped with a ventilation system and a roof hatch to ensure a steady air flow. The combined lavatory and bathroom is closed off with a high-quality glass door.

This 13 foot has been upgraded with multiple additional accessories. The inside of the unit has been fitted with, for example, the  Arctic Package, a  towel heater, a  foldable table in the couch area, and a bidet set hand shower in the bathroom. Our customer also opted for  US Charging (Charging 110V) which enables them to charge the Bliss Mobil using 110V shore power.

On the outside, you will find a  360° view IR camera system,  additional lighting, a  motorbike carrier and a pivot mount Starlink antenna . After the subframe and unit have been mounted on the truck, our specialists can commence the integration of the NATO connection, the  storage boxes onto the subframe and the outdoor kitchen.

Unforgettable journeys

The customer chose Bliss Mobil not only for the quality of engineering and high-end finishes but the commitment of Bliss Mobil to their customers. Having the customer support network was essential for their plans of world travel. Shortly after delivery, they will get acquainted traveling with their new Bliss Mobil expedition vehicle through the Southwest of the U.S. joining for Overland Expo West. After the show, they will start their official world journey starting North to Alaska. After exploring Alaska and Canada, they will move south back through the U.S. to Central America and South America. The expedition doesn’t stop there with plans in shipping the Bliss beyond!

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