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16 foot High Bed for the SOTA Convoy

16 foot - MAN HX60

The Bliss Mobil that left our factory has a special task: it will be part of the SOTA convoy, improve access to surgical care to people in the remotest parts of the world. This 16 foot Unit – High Bed Family has been mounted on a MAN HX60 4×4 and will provide accommodation for staff and be their home on wheels whilst helping those who need it most.

SOTA Convoy

SOTA stands for Surgery, Obstetrics, Trauma Care, Anaesthesia and the team teaches and provides basic life-saving and life-changing procedures in areas where people are too poor, too remote, or too debilitated to access them themselves.

This MAN HX60 4×4 is the third truck and each truck has its own purpose and is equipped accordingly: One truck carries a fully equipped 16-foot operating theatre (OT) and disposes of anaesthesia and sterilisation equipment, providing essential medical capabilities on the go. The second houses a pharmacy unit and storage (P/S) platform designed for the inflatable hospital building (HIB) and backup generator. And the third one is used as Staff Quarters (SQ) with kitchen, toilet, bathroom and cosy beds.

A Bliss Mobil is the perfect partner to travel to remote areas and be able to provide independent medical assistance and surgery when needed. When you are in the middle of nowhere, you have to rely on the equipment you have. Our smart and balanced energy concept, combined with the benefits of the container concept supports this required independence off the beaten track.

16 foot High Bed Family

This Bliss Mobil unit is the perfect place for the team to relax and chat after a hard day’s work. It offers large and comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to 6 people, with a high bed above the seating area that also converts into an additional double bed and a bunk bed in the rear. The additional sliding doors offer more privacy for all the occupants and accessories such as washing machine, kitchen set, folding sink are not only practical but necessary. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to store food safely and prepare delicious meals.

On the outside, the unit has been upgraded with a motorbike carrier that can carry two motorbikes and provides extra storage space in the storage box. With the upgraded winch, this motorbike carrier is rated for 1,000 kg! The batwing awning mounted on the vehicle provides the team with plenty of shade on hot days.

In addition, the 550 liter fresh water tank combined with the integrated additional water maker that converts natural water into safe drinking water (75 L/hour) guarantees an abundance of water and is also used to supply the other trucks.

Deployment in 2024

The SOTA convoy will be shipped to Walvis Bay, Namibia in March and, after a stopover at a conference on innovations in global surgery, will travel to East Africa for the ‘proof of concept’ projects in Kenya and Burundi. It is the ambition of the SOTAC team to showcase to local governments that Mobile Surgical Care is an innovative, cost effective and efficient model to increase access to basic surgical care in remote areas.

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