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Delivery in the USA: 15 foot on an International HV 4×4

A 15 foot Bliss Mobil with a Family-layout mounted on an International HV 4×4 has been delivered in the USA. While the Bliss unit was manufactured at our factory in Breda (Netherlands), the truck was prepared at our US headquarters in Longmont, Colorado. Upon completion, the unit was shipped to Colorado where the Bliss Mobil USA team took care of the marriage with the International and the training of our customer prior to delivery. 

International HV 4×4

The International HV™ Series has been redesigned from the inside out to ensure comfort and performance. Newly paired with the Cummins L9, boasting 1,350ft lbs of torque, this chassis offers the ability to handle Bliss Mobil unit sizes ranging from 15 foot up to 25 foot. This particular HV is paired with a Bliss Mobil  15 foot unit – Family and offers comfortable seating for 5 people in the cab. The truck is equipped with a rear locking differential and Hutchinson Beadlock wheels with 48 inch XZL Tyres. A real powerhouse ready for adventure!

15 foot unit – Family 

A 15 foot unit features a comfortable  High Bed (1.400 x 2.000 mm) above the seating area that can electrically be lowered, raised or levelled. This layout optimizes the inside space which is used for additional beds in the rear and extra storage space. In the spacious kitchen you will find everything you need to prepare delicious meals off-the-grid, such as induction hobs and a microwave with convection oven which includes a grill function. Our customer has opted for the extra  kitchen set and the  Outdoor kitchen to fully enjoy the outdoor living. 

Toilet and bathroom are situated opposite each other, and the bathroom-door can be used as a room divider by opening at an angle of 90 degrees. The sleeping area in the back and the seating area can be used without bothering each other, which is perfect for families on tour. The cosy U-shaped seating area seats up to 6 people and can easily be converted in an extra double-bed. This unit has also been optioned with the  US Electric Specs and a spare parts kit. 

Our customer further personalized this Bliss Mobil with more accessories like the  Arctic Package, a  12 V to 24 V converter, a Starlink V3 antenna and a  24” iMac. The additional exterior lighting, a  360° view IR-camera system and the  underside coating provide extra safety and protection.

On the back of the vehicle, our  motorbike carrier and storage boxes are mounted, guaranteeing enough space for everything you need while enjoying the Freedom of Independence.

Thank you

Our customer is based in Colorado, USA, and the first journeys will lead them to Buena Vista and on to Moab. Future travel plans are exploring the U.S. up to Canada, Alaska, and down to Baja.

We want to thank Spencer Park and his Bliss Mobil USA team for delivering this stunning Bliss Mobil. With this delivery, we underline our well-thought through concept and the cooperation with our dealers worldwide. 

If you would like to travel the world in your Bliss Mobil, please  contact us. We look forward to helping you make your dream come true! 

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