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Delivery of a 13 foot unit on a Unimog U5023

Recently another beautiful combination left our workshop in Breda (Netherlands). This time, we had the honour of delivering a 13-foot unit on a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5023 to our first Greek customer. This pearl-white Bliss Mobil is a superb, compact expedition vehicle that combines extreme off-road capability and comfort with innovative engineering and design.

MB Unimog U5023 – unmatched Off-road capability

The Unimog is synonymous with unrivalled off-road capability and reliability. Designed for the most demanding environments, this Mercedes-Benz product is built to last. The U5023 navigates effortlessly through mud, snow, sand and rocky terrain thanks to its impressive ground clearance, advanced all-wheel drive and powerful engine. And our engineers did their best to create a perfect unit for this type of truck. The 13-foot layout has been carefully designed to optimise weight distribution, which is crucial to the vehicle’s performance and stability.

The 13 Foot Unit

The 13-foot on this Unimog offers a surprisingly spacious and luxurious living space. Despite its compact size, the unit has all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay in the wild. It has a fully-equipped kitchen, a comfortable (double) high bed above the cozy seating area, a bathroom with toilet and shower and a single bed in the rear. travel independently off the grid by having 465 litres of water, 800A lithium batteries, solar panels, diesel heating and air conditioning perfect for long off grid living

Selected options

The customer’s wish was to be able to take his motorbike with him when travelling, and for this purpose, he chose the motorbike carrier plus a rear storage box for extra storage space. On top of the drivers cabin is a roof rack with storage boxes and a ladder to access the roof rack. There is also an integrated truck passage that allows easy and safe access to the driver’s cabin. But that’s not all: this Bliss Mobil comes with more optional extras such as a 360° view camera system, internal alarm system, Starlink Satellite, US 110V charging and a magnetic mosquito door net to keep unwanted visitors out.

What makes this combination special?

This combination is ideal for those who want to explore the most remote and hostile areas without sacrificing comfort. The Unimog U5023 offers the robustness and reliability needed for such challenges, while the unit provides a comfortable, and practical living space. This makes the vehicle not only suitable for recreational travel, but also for professionals such as scientists, photographers, or film-makers who need to work in remote areas.

ευχαριστώ! (Thank you)!

We would like to thank our customers for their confidence in Bliss Mobil and wish them lots of fun with their plans to explore the world.

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