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We design and engineer a wide range of additional accessories. These products give you the opportunity to personalise and customise your Bliss Mobil to your specific requirements. We make sure that the accessories will not affect the well-thought-out and proven standard of the Bliss unit.

This continuous development allows Bliss Mobil to invest in the engineering of new accessories as part of the Bliss Mobil product portfolio.

The process of product development enables you to benefit from the Bliss Mobil’s versatility.

Whether you need extra storage capacity, an extra sink in the shower, want to make your dinner outside or take your motorcycle with you, we have the perfect solution!

When you are looking for a specific accessory for your Bliss Mobil which isn’t listed below, please let us know. The innovation continues and we welcome new ideas!

Every Bliss Mobil can be equipped with a 22 inch iMac. The device will be mounted on an extendable VESA bracket, enabling the user to optimise the angle when viewing from any position on the the seating area.
360° camera with night vision
To monitor your surroundings, it is possible to equip your Bliss Mobil unit with four cameras.
2nd battery pack
The 11- and 13-foot Bliss Mobil units come with a single battery pack as standard. If your unit has the right layout, an additional 400Ah/24VDC battery bank can be placed in the seating area underneath the couch.
additional shelves
Additional storage can be realised by installing these shelves in the bedroom area.
Optional LED lights can be mounted on the sides of your Bliss Mobil unit. These sidelights, producing 1100 lumens at a 3-metre distance, can light up the darkness when needed.
additional Freshwater Tank
All units with appropriate garage space, can be equipped with an additional fresh water tank. This tank is mounted in the garage area and can be filled through the connection box.
HDPE fuel tank
With petrol and diesel of potentially questionable quality available in remote areas, having enough high quality fuel with you is of vital importance.
additional speakers
For those who like to enjoy music in their unit, Bliss Mobil offers an additional speaker set that can be installed in the bedroom providing high-quality audio.
The alcove offers you a large amount of additional internal storage space. Fixed on the front twist locks, the alcove box is positioned above the truck’s cabin. For shipping purposes, the alcove can be easily demounted.
The Bliss Mobil motorbike carrier is constructed out of high quality 6082 aluminum profiles, providing maximum durability and strength, while ensuring weight and corrosion are kept to a minimum.
increasing internet reception
As reception for the Internet becomes more common and available, Bliss Mobil offers an additional 3G/4G Antenna 6dBi which will pick up signals up to 30 kilometers away.
North Cape Expedition
The “Arctic Package” is an accessory that is extremely useful for those who are planning to stay in the extreme cold for a prolonged amount of time. Heated door and hatch rubbers, waste water drains and door locks are all included in the “Arctic Package”.
ATV Extension
The motorbike carrier can be equipped with an ATV platform. By placing the extension on your motorbike carrier, you enable yourself to bring a relatively lightweight ATV with you.
storagesystem on garage platform
Make your ATV platform multifunctional with the storage box system! This system includes Euronorm crates, an open box and a dual bicycle carrier mount.
setting up the awning
Comfort and convenience are very important to us and to our customers. That is why we have developed a high-end batwing-style awning to keep them comfortably in the shade. The extendable arms make the awning easy to store and give more cover at the same time.
buffalo Leather Upholstery
The standard fabric upholstery of the cushions in the seating area can be replaced for a high-quality, buffalo leather upholstery.
safe, securely build in
A security safe with numeric locking, built in unobtrusively, offers storage for valuables.
build-in vacuum cleaner
Keeping the interior of your Bliss Mobil unit clean & tidy becomes an easy job with the built-in 24VDC vacuum cleaner.
stored chairs and table
This chair and table set has been carefully picked and selected. One of the storage boxes on the back of a Bliss Mobil unit, can be outfitted with an aluminium frame that can hold up to four foldable chairs and a foldable table.
extendable hanging system
The standard hanging closet can be equipped with an alternative, slide-out rail. This rail enables the user to easily access the hung clothes.
Depending on your storage preferences and needs, you can opt for a drawer cabinet, instead of a standard hanging cabinet.
electric winch - ’Stallion’
Pushing yourself and your equipment to the limit is something we can only promote. However, you do need to be able to get yourself out of trouble when you went slightly over the limit.
extra fine mesh preventing bug flies
All the windows and roof hatches in a Bliss Mobil come with screens and shades as standard. However, if you are planning to travel to areas that are known for their excessive amounts of small insects such as black flies or midges, you might want to upgrade to finer meshes.
sides folded, supporting easy access to passage
The foldable table accessory allows you to fold both sides of the table down, providing you with easy access to the couch.
sink folded, limited space
For those who prefer to have a separate sink for everyday facial- and dental care, we offer a foldable sink in the shower.
garage storage box system
The storage box system helps you to organise your garage space. Inside the garage, all stored items are protected against frost, moisture and dust.
tracker with SOS functionality
inReach Mini is your go-to connection for maintaining off-the-grid contact. It is our palm-sized satellite communicator for adventures where size and weight matter.
GPS Iridium
With the GPS Iridium tracker, you can obtain the exact location of your Bliss Mobil. By opting for this accessory, you can remotely check the status and location of your Bliss Mobil unit.
internal alarm
The alarm system enhances the security of your Bliss Mobil unit and is operated by a numerical pad located at the entrance.
organized storage of cutlery and knives
The Bliss Mobil kitchen set is the finishing touch for your kitchen! All the pans, pots, glasses and cutlery are safely stored in custom made foam inlays which fit perfectly into the drawers of your kitchen.
ladder to reach roof rack
It can be hard to reach the roof rack on a cab-forward truck. For easy access we have designed a ladder that can be fixed to the side of your truck cabin.
2x LED bars mounted on roof rack
When your truck is equipped with a roof rack, these additional high quality LED lights can be mounted on the roof rack.
storage of small items
This cabinet creates additional storage capacity in the toilet area, by using space which would otherwise be left unused.
roof rack on an Unimog
The Bliss Mobil roof rack is engineered in-house and specifically made for the truck of your preference. The strong, lightweight aluminium roof rack does not just look the part, it also offers protection to the cabin and windshield due to the front protector bars. It is designed to have optimal available usable platform space.
Satellite TV & Data
Via the Oyster Satellite system, you can receive a television and data signal within Europe. The satellite antenna should be mounted on to the roof rack of the truck.
Second spare tyre
An additional spare tire carrier can be mounted on the back of the motorbike rack. Since the more compact 11-, 13- and 15-foot Bliss Mobil units are not as wide as the 18- and 20-foot Bliss Mobil units, the wheels may extend past the sides of the unit (depending on wheel size).
Shoe Cabinet, practical and tidy
This shoe cabinet can be placed underneath the bed. It is easily accessible and practical use of space.
Snipe satellite TV
The Snipe Satellite system enables you to watch television while travelling in your Bliss Mobil. The satellite antenna can be mounted on to the optional motorbike carrier or on the twist lock castings of the Bliss Mobil body.
spare parts
Bliss Mobil provides a size-specific spare parts set for every Bliss Mobil. Each set is carefully selected and contains spare parts and filters that are most likely needed while traveling. The spare parts set contains items like replacement filters, hoses, clamps, fuses, a vent guard, sealant, a reserve LED spot, spare water pump and lots of other electronic parts and components.
steam oven
The steam oven is a beautiful accessory for your already more than complete kitchen. The steam oven with multi-steam technology, is very spacious making it easy to cook on three levels simultaneously.
storage in couch 11 and 13 foot
If you have opted for a Bliss Mobil model with only one battery pack and you do not need the optional second one, you could utilise the space with this handy storage box!
storage box on rear of unit
Additional storage box that can be placed on the motorbike carrier or directly on the upper twist locks castings.
storage box on truck chassis
Additional storage boxes that can be mounted on the truck in between the axles. This accessory is typically chosen for vehicles with space left between the fuel tank and rear axle.
storage boxes on subframe
Additional storage boxes that are typically placed behind the rear axle. Due to the unique shape of these boxes, they barely affect the departure angle.
TV in bed room
Bliss Mobil offers the possibility to place a television in the bedroom. The television will be mounted on a movable and lockable VESA bracket and has a maximum size of 24 inch.
outdoor kitchen opened
The outdoor kitchen is a great accessory for those who want to enjoy all aspects of living outside. With the outdoor kitchen, you can grill, cook and -if you have the large kitchen- do the dishes outside! Unfortunately, the compact outside kitchen is not equipped with a sink.
Tool set 134 pieces in aluminum toolbox, digital multimeter, socket 19 1/2” x 36mm (bolts subframe)
torsion free connection between unit and truck
Every Bliss Mobil subframe is designed to be the perfect, torsion-free connection between the unit and truck chassis. Based on calculations and thorough testing, the subframe will be specifically designed for your preferred vehicle.
towel heater
This accessory is designed to give you a warm feeling – literally! The towel heater is mounted in the shower cabin and raises the comfort level of your bathroom area.
Passage in the unit
A passage from the Bliss Mobil unit to the truck’s cabin ensures a safe escape route directly from the unit to the cabin.
US 110V
For the North- and Central American market, we have the possibility to extend the AC system with 110 Volt AC for every size Bliss Mobil.
washing machine
This wall mounted, compact washing machine is perfect for your smaller laundry needs!
watermaker with capacity of 75-100 liters per hour
The water maker is a state-of-the-art high pressure, membrane water-filtration system. The water maker converts water from natural resources, such as lakes and rivers, into safe drinking water.
additional security during shipping
These high-quality, aluminium plates can be mounted on your windows in order to protect them while shipping, or when driving through densely treed areas.

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