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360° view IR-camera system

To monitor your surroundings, it is possible to equip your Bliss Mobil unit with four cameras. The camera system will provide a 360° view of the immediate surroundings of your vehicle. 

The optional camera system is equipped with Infrared technology, enabling you to see clearly when it is pitch dark. This accessory is often used as a safety feature, as you do not have to leave your unit should something be going on outside. It is also a perfect way to observe nocturnal animals which may visit your Bliss Mobil without scaring them away.

The footage is recorded on a digital video recorder (DVR). The system allows you to watch camera footage remotely via WiFi using the complementary tablet, optional computers or your own mobile device.


four cameras providing all footage

360° view

Recorded on DVR

View remotely via Wifi

Infrared vision

Product CodeZA218

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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