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Additional fuel tank

With petrol and diesel of potentially questionable quality available in remote areas, having enough high quality fuel with you is of vital importance.

Additional fuel tanks allow you to bring plenty of high quality diesel with you, enabling you to pass through areas where availability is scarce or simply non-existent.

The additional tanks are made out of (stainless) steel, aluminium or HDPE plastic. Every style of tank has its advantages. Picking the best suitable tank is subjective to the truck choice.

DimensionsDepending on truck type & chassis
FeaturesSteel: Relatively low cost, but prone to rust
Stainless steel: Rust free, but more expensive than steel tank
Aluminium: Lightweight and rust free, relatively high cost
HDPE plastic: Lightweight, rust free, custom made with flexible dimensions and thus higher expenses.

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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