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The alcove offers you a large amount of additional internal storage space. Fixed on the front twist locks, the alcove box is positioned above the truck’s cabin. For shipping purposes, the alcove can be easily demounted.

The internal layout can be adjusted at the customer’s request with shelves. The alcove is a lightweight construction of aluminium profiles and 30 mm sandwich panels. Depending on the height of the truck cabin, an alcove can be attached.

The alcove is located at the front of the Bliss Mobil unit, above the truck cabin. This means that this accessory is only suitable for trucks with a low driver’s cabin like the Zetros, Unimog or a Ford F550.

Dimensions (D x W x H)1000 x 2240 x 510 mm
FeaturesConvenient extra storage space
 Accessible from the inside
Capacity1000 Litres ( 11,13 &15 foot)

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