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Arctic package

The Arctic Package is an accessory that is incredibly useful for those who are planning to stay in the extreme cold for a prolonged period of time. Heated rubbers and locks on the entrance door and garage hatches, heated waste water drains and heated door locks are all included in the “Arctic Package”.

Besides the heated rubber for the garage hatches and entrance door, the rubber seal on the connection box is heated as well. An additional air outlet inside the garage that is connected to the Webasto diesel heater and a separate electrical heater (230VAC / 2000w) is included in this accessory as well.

It is worth noting that every Bliss Mobil comes with a diesel heater and electric floor heating throughout the unit by default. This accessory is an addition to our already very complete heating solution and recommended for those who travel to colder areas for a long, consecutive time.

Article code: ZA122

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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