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Country specific sockets

Different countries, different sockets – we have a solution for this too: country-specific sockets! With these accessories, you can upgrade the standard sockets in your Bliss Mobil that are required to operate the standard equipment.

A Bliss Mobil can be equipped with sockets for different countries, and it is also possible to combine multiple sockets.

For North America and Australia, however, you will need more than just the sockets. To ensure a power supply while travelling in these regions, choose from the following product codes: ZA164 or ZA167.

Please enquire about the options for the desired region.

Please inquire about the possibilities for your region.

FeaturesSockets to run equipment like at home
ProduktcodeZA140 (China)

ZA141 (Switzerland)

ZA164 (North America)

ZA167 (Australia)

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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