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Garmin InReach MINI

inReach Mini is your go-to connection for maintaining off-the-grid contact. It is our palm-sized satellite communicator for adventures where size and weight matter. The inReach MINI lets you send and receive text messages, track and share your journey and, if necessary, trigger an SOS alert to contact the GEOS 24/7 emergency response team.

The Garmin inReach MINI is a small and compact device that is more than a tracker! The MINI can communicate over the Iridium satellite network with IR, email and text messages. 

The latter two can be received on virtually any other mobile device, a smartphone being one of them. 

Every new Bliss Mobil comes with the Garmin Overlander as standard equipment. This (off road) navigation device can be paired with the inReach MINI. This enables you to type a message home on the large, 7” screen of the Overlander, and send it by using the MINI’s antenna.

To use the MINI, the user should opt for one of the five Garmin inReach subscriptions. The subscription can be suspended when the device is not being used.


FeaturesCapable and portable tracker

Connectivity to multiple devices

Integrated SOS service

Get weather forecasts

Subscription based (suspendable)


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