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Storage box on rear of unit

Additional storage box which can be placed on the motorbike carrier or directly on the upper twist locks castings.

Dimensions (L x H x D):1950 x 750 x 425 mm (11, 13 & 15 foot)
2410 x 940 x 535 mm (18, 20 & 23 foot)
Capacity:620 litre (11, 13 & 15 foot)
1.200 litre (18, 20 & 23 foot)
Max. load:200kg
Features:Securely mounted on the twist locks
Interior LED lighting
Flight rail for easy fastening large goods
Luggage net
Doors open upwards
Code: For a 11,13 or 15 foot unitZA840
Code: For an 18 or 20 foot unitZA839

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