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US-Electrical/charging specifications (inverter and charger for 110V areas)

For customers who live or travel in regions with 110V mains voltage, we offer an extension of the AC system with a 110V inverter and/or charger for each unit. Our units are equipped with a standard 230 VAC power supply as standard and can be upgraded with these options. These accessories allow you to charge on both 110V and 230V. Ideal for travelling in North and Central America.

Option 1: 110 volt inverter and charger

With this 110-volt option, a second inverter and a second charger for the 110-volt system is installed (in addition to the standard 230-volt system). Thanks to the charging capacity of 50A/24VDC, the unit can be charged with 110 volts and an additional 2000 watts (inverted 110 V current) are available via the US sockets. The connection box has been modified so that all the important 110V connections are available. Of course, charging with 230 VAC at full power is still possible via the connection provided for this purpose. All standard household appliances continue to be operated with 230 V AC.

As an option, you can choose to install a combination of both 230V and 110V outlets in the unit available for use.

Product Code: ZA164

Option 2: 110 V charger

A compact battery charger can easily be added to the unit, for example when travelling across the Americas. This charger can be used in countries with a 110V power supply and will help you to recharge your Bliss Mobil unit. It has a maximum output of 12A/24VDC and should therefore be considered as an auxiliary charger. This option consists of the 110 volt charger only and therefore does not allow for 110V inverter capacity or the installation of 110V sockets.

Product Code: ZA276

* Accessories are part of the Bliss concept and are not for sale separately.

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