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Motorbike/luggage carrier

The availability of a back-up vehicle (ATV/quad, motorbike or bicycle) is essential. Should you become stuck somewhere or in the unlikely event that your truck breaks down an addtional form of transport enables you to get yourself to safety or to get help. It's also very convenient for travelling into city centres or for going to areas which cannot easily be reached by truck. Bliss Mobil develops its own carriers which can hold several combinations of bicycles or spare tyres or a motorbike or ATV/quad.

Motorbike carrier Motorbike carrier Motorbike carrier (rear view) Motorbike carrier (rear view) Motorbike carrier engineered by Bliss Mobil Motorbike carrier engineered by Bliss Mobil Quad carrier Quad carrier
Dimensions (LxW): 2170 x 2180 mm (11, 13 & 15 foot)
  2340 x 2345 mm (18, 20 & 23 foot)
Max. load: + 500 kg
Features: Retractable
  Also suitable for quad/ATV
  Can hold a spare tyre and motorcycle
  Ladder is provided for roof access
  Double fall protection
Price: Price upon request