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Canadian Comfort


Bliss proves it is possible to combine the old school basics with modern engineering high end technology with this 15ft unit on a 24 year old mercedes Truck, scheduled to ship to Canada mid October.

We embarked on an amazing journey when our customer asked us to find a truck, older than 15 year due to Canadian law for his Bliss Mobil. We found an old Swiss fire truck, Mercedes 1429AF 4x4 from 11/1992. The truck has been completely restored and modified by FAS Dreesbach in Aachen, Germany. Bliss Mobil designed the torsion freesubframe fit on the Mercedes Truck with a standard 15 foot unit. The result is an amazing combination of a basic, mechanical, non electric truck combined with a high end, fully functional unit. We do wish our Canadian customer Blissfull journeys.

Published: 29-09-2016