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4. Detachable & Easy to Ship

The self-supporting unit is equipped with twist lock castings at each of the four corners. In this way the Bliss unit can be easily removed from or placed on to almost any container truck, train, ship or plane. Due to its dimensions and pre-calculated centre of gravity, the unit can be easily handled by an overhead crane or forklift. 


The 20 & 18 foot units can be shipped as a container. The outer dimensions of the 11, 13 and 15 foot units enable them to fit into a standard 20 and 40 foot container. In this manner shipping to all continents is easier and less expensive.

The fact that the Bliss Mobil unit is detachable has several other advantages:

  • The unit can be easily removed when your truck needs service;
  • You can easily change truck (replacement truck after a few years);
  • The unit can be sold seperately;
  • As the unit is completely self-supporting, the Bliss Mobil unit can be placed on a secure footing or blocks and used as a fully functioning home.